Life-Saving Insights From Awakened Indigenous People

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Welcome to the website of Free Earth Alliance. This is an important point in time in the history of the Planet Earth. We are going through un-precedented times across the planet; some places more extreme and some a little less. Free Earth Alliance has taken shape to help transition humanity through the current turmoil, that we have all witnessed, since the start of 2020. Read More …

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The Chemtrails Questionnaire. Know more above Chemtrails and EMF

The Truth About Smallpox by Ekaterina Sugak
Know more about the Truth of Evidence Based Medicine, Scientists debunk the virus theory of sickness, Corona Virus Not Isolated Yet, Vaccines in general have had a doubtful history and Historical Precedents to Coronavirus like science frauds.

The Tipping Point – Their Plan Isn’t Working

SILENCE: The Story of COVID “Vaccine” Victims.

Cardiologist accepting the damage from the jabs.

Dr. Paul Thomas Compares The Vaccinated To The Unvaccinated. Fine Out More About Experimental COVID-19 Injections (“Vaccines”)

Take a Poll. Did you know that many scientists have questioned the existence of “viruses” and their ability to cause sickness? Find Out More.

Wake Up! An Open Letter to People …

Did Flawed PCR tests convince us COVID was worse than it really was? Read More on PCR “Tests”…

What Media Wants You to Accept. Find Out More About Media Mind Control and Propaganda…

If only people knew how to unblock their nose in five minutes. Find out more on this topic …

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