A Letter to Family, Friends & Network on Truth Movement


I can finally share with you all, what I have been working on and preparing for.

I have been part of a movement. My research started due to finding something abnormal with the pandemic-like situation around a –

1. novel virus (being exposed to traditional medicine and yoga, I know how insignificant and irrelevant such risks are, to having good health),

2. vaccine mandates (we can see the selective damage happening to recipients),

3. lockdowns,

4. climate change narratives (weather manipulation technologies under the guise of geo-engineering has been there for long, which explain the weirding climate), etc.

My research revealed glaring evidences of medical malpractices throughout the history of such smaller scale virus outbreak stories earlier (Swine Flu, H1N1, AIDS, and more) and now this coronavirus scandal.

I later understood the agendas and long term preparations behind this massive global scale operation. I also discovered the people behind these agendas.

The reason for sharing this – are the potential threats that are highly likely to come, going forward, which may severly impact our lives, so we can prepare, for transition –

  • Banking Collapses
  • Deliberate Food Crisis/ Massive Price Rise
  • Massive Job Loses to AI
  • Destruction of Farming including Traditional Farming (using Native Seeds and Native Cows)
  • Weather Manipulation shown to us, as Climate Change to justify clampdown on civil liberties and our farming practices
  • Draconian Laws (CRPI Act, Public Health Act)
  • Programmable Digital Currency to control our spend, hence our behavior, and hence our freedoms (but will be initially pushed as a way to curb blackmoney, reduce printing costs, contain transmission of viruses, increase convenience etc.)
  • increase in electromagnetic radiation (5G, Gwen Towers, HAARP)
  • increase in weather manipulation (ChemTrails & HAARP)
  • positioning new viruses/ normal lifestyle as a cause for health conditions caused by negative after-effects caused selectively to a percentage of vaccines takers (selective, since the vaccination drive was under experimental provisions to allow for batch variations to reduce the world human populations iteratively, thereby needing to launch new virus variant stories built around fraudulent/ over-exaggerated virology theory)

The people doing this had begun to shape our realities from long, controlling our medical curriculum for instance. Also using Hollywood movies to train our mind to accept whats to come in the future, and taking our sub-conscious consent to whatever they are planning to bring out in future.

The perpetrators, retain their blood-lines with same-family marriages to continue their agendas for centuries. They are Satan Worshippers, who believe that “anonymity is power”. They also covertly share their agendas to absolve themselves of karma, seeking our subtle consent to allow these harms upon ourselves. They infiltrate kingdoms, governments, institutions with the power they hold on printing of currency as part of the central banking cartel, the petroleum, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries and now the investment banking controlling also the Silicon Valley.

These were the people who infiltrated the British Empire that made evil invasions world-over and then transitioned to covert means of control, using media mind control and propaganda. They continued to openly call their Kingdom as Commonwealth. During their overt rule on Bharat, they killed our Native Cows, Gurukulams, Artisanry, Native Languages, Family Structure and Culture. This degradation has continued during their covert rule of last 75 years.

They had infitrated the Free Mason movement and now many governments. The Presidents of some African countries who had openly defied/ ridiculed PCR tests, are mysteriously no more and replaced by “complying” Presidents. These were the same families that earlier hijacked Christanity and Islam, positioning their teachings as separate religion rather than as part of Eternal Truth. They are the reason why we have Nation states to give us a feeling that we choose our governments, while they covertly set the scripted agendas at gun point but with huge monetary rewards. They are the reason why our politicians are always talking in circles and never really working for us. They are always pretending to work for us, but running their Global Agendas sometimes willingly, other-times under duress. These “Elite” families fund wars on both sides, making us feel we need an Army that traps our brave people’s body, mind and emotions into an Army role rather than be available for farming, housing and safety of our decentralised communities. They fund religious divide and civil unrest on both sides, justifying partly the need for Police/ draconian laws of preventive detention, etc.

They want to keep us from our connection with higher Consciousness/ Nature and keep our soul, emotions trapped in the matrix. Life Ke Saath Bhi, Life Ke Baad Bhi.

They dont want us to be naturally self-reliant and live as part of humane decentralised communities. That way they become irrelevant.

They manage all this through inter-generational tyranny which means our kids growing up with gadgets, playing games for reward coins, etc is all part of behaviour training and their strategy to disconnect them with our Culture and Nature, which had kept us self-reliant. Rather they want them to come up as mental/ emotional technology slaves hooked on to the Metaverse dealing with virtual avataars and global virtual currencies. They want our future generation to have weak physical bodies from vaccines and living with EMF radiations, so population is controlled and the balance are living in an Orwellian Technocratic Slavery and Surveillance State. They want to avoid any future uprising. So they have projected people who understand their covert means as Conspiracy Theorists, etc.

Luckily they have met resistance from an awakening humanity across the planet, which you may not know as they control your reality through a stranglehold on mainstream media.

Yes, I know you be thinking “I am being very negative”. “I am taking life too seriously”. “Whatever happens to the majority, will happen to us too, so why bother”. “Anyways, everyone has to die someday.” Let me clarify that its not fear that’s gripping me, or else I wouldn’t be staying afloat after knowing so much. Neither am I doing this to save my life. Nor am I having fear of death. I am just in this as I feel its my soul purpose to uphold Dharma, and I have found my soul family world over and its massive in numbers, and I am overjoyed working on solutions and creating a better future. I am reaching out to you all to offer a helping hand, should you wish to join. We all may have to die, so why not die free, and die upholding Dharma, so we have our head held high in this life and after-life. Also, I am not being negative, but describing the negative matrix that is trapping us. I am able to describe it as its no longer trapping like before and I am able to work on a better life built on free-will.

All of this is now well documented under https://FreeEarthAlliance.Org

A solution framework on which we are taking on-ground action is available at https://ShamanicAbode.Org

Our friends run these platforms along with a few social activists with our community support. They have several hundred WhatsApp / Telegram groups on different topics and action points.

There are several other organisations world over taking similar action. So we are not alone.

Happy to answer your questions and you may join or support the movement based on your interest/ time/ bandwidth.

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