CBDC to end personal liberties. Last call to Indians.

Author: A concerned Indian

India is shifting gear into fully centralized banking and cashless transactions, in a surprising move that was not initiated by popular demand or validated through popular vote. According to the above FAQs summary, accompanying this article, the most dire threat of the CBDC scheme is relegated to an ambiguous “point #4” in the challenges section at the end, with no allusion to the real hazards anywhere else. Therefore the document may have been created either by the government’s official or embedded content writers or a particularly credulous loyalist.

The CBDC scheme seems the next giant stride towards monopolizing financial transactions in the country. Once widely adopted, the other currency options can be phased out, perhaps through a cyber attack to cripple the banking system and vanishing private money, to be replaced by a Universal Basic Income tied to a social credit score, which would be used to regulate quality of service provided to citizens (by rewarding “good” behaviour, desirable to the government, or perhaps penalizing those whose carbon footprint was too high from owning and driving private vehicles, or those whose social media connections or posts or political inclinations were found objectionable to Big Brother). The system is already effectively implemented in China, and our government is confirmed to have an NSA-like surveillance programme targeting private citizens.

The public surveillance cameras, so diligently installed everywhere by our kindly local authorities, can pronto be linked to the Internet of Things (and it is not unlikely that they already are networked statewide or nationwide), and used to implement an inescapable surveillance framework, assisted by automated drone policemen and paramilitary equipped with networked AI-driven facial recognition, so that “offenders” (even political dissenters) would be forced to hide from weaponized drones that are already fully capable of executing highly effective manhunts.

The human police force (licensed to own weapons) would have to be phased out as they are a threat to the smooth functioning of the system, and vaccines can help. As a friend recently observed, masculinity itself had better be phased out because pansies make better citizens of the New World Order than real men. The Western school educational system and American Child Protective Services (a State-sponsored abduction service, really) have already demonstrated effective sex education and hormonal therapy programmes to implement this incapacitation of masculinity.

Google, meanwhile, is avowedly working hard not only to censor useful information that could potentially get us out of here, but also to integrate AI-driven diagnosis and prescription into the healthcare services, all the better to serve you with. 🐺 With unified databases with the most intimate details of your character, pursuits, interests, plans integrated across the platforms owned by the corporate-government complex, and digital money used to determine where you could avail of healthcare, not to mention the wholesale digestion of alternate healthcare into the mainstream through government ministries that the WHO found commendable and worthy of worldwide replication, there would be little one could do for a 5G-variety of cancer or vaccine-variety of heart disease than Trust the Government to treat us well. The beneficiaries of a universal basic income scheme have little choice anyway.

Far-fetched? Hardly. It is very foolish not to notice the last stretch of fencing enclosure being erected around our gullible herds by an unseen hand. We would not have many more opportunities to save ourselves.

There is great scope and potential in this new scheme, for Wolves, and so indeed, these digital currencies and centralized services promise much convenience… A proposed public policy or scheme should be assessed not merely by its strengths- in this case, the undeniable conveniences it promises- but, and more crucially, by the gravest threats to our fundamental rights posed by the large-scale implementation of the policy. A government scheme that entrusts our freedom and autonomy and safety entirely to (an unwarranted) Faith in the goodwill of Government, and deprives us of any effective means of political dissent or personal choice whatsoever, is to put it mildly, unsound and unacceptable, and furthermore, inexcusably so.

The most important fundamental right of an individual Citizen in a Democracy, though this is sadly not emphasized enough in public discourse, is the right to effectively organize against Government. Indeed the exercise of this right, even in legitimate and peaceful ways, is often reproved as an inconvenience to democratic progress, or put down as being inimical to the interests of the Nation. Indeed, this right is also often abused by subversive interests seeking to derail political opponents. Yet the most important unwritten Constitutional obligation of any elected government is, arguably, the onus of protecting the public’s ability to organise against itself.

Shall we begin this vital conversation now, in the very few months left before it is too late?


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