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Whats the best way to navigate this site?

Use “Top Story” in the Menu to get highlights of the site. Use the sub-menu “Plandemic”, to find information on all the layers of the deception and the global agenda, being thrust upon us. Use the sub-menu “Freedom” to know about where we gathered all the information from and what’s happening around the world, across various freedom movements. Use the sub-menu “Health” for resources on how to stay healthy naturally and deal with post injection diagnostics and injuries. “New Direction” is for learning to cope up with the new reality like survival nutrition, prepping and self-reliance. “Thriving” is to find self-sustainable communities around the world, where you can find like minded people and thrive. “Rights” is where you find resources on how you can defend your inalienable rights. “Law” is where you find out information about law-suits around the world, including information on Common Law and Universal Law. “Campaigns” is where you find material to pro-actively campaign for your rights. “Children” is a mega-thread that brings together all the articles around children, safety, health and injections. “5G” is where you find articles on 5G/ EMF and its effect on our health. You can use the search button on the Menu to find any text or phrase across the site.

Why was this site put together?

To serve as an organised repository containing research from around the world on various topics around the Plandemic, Resistance Movements and the new Natural World Order, thats emerging. We wanted to put out the information due to severe censorship on various mainstream media outlets and online platforms. This also serves as a guide for people to navigate to a better future.

Is the information on this site credible?

We are moving to a world where we will not seek to become “credible”. Rather information around various aspects of our reality will be presented transparently, and the readers are considered to be matured and wise enough to discern and find their own truth.

How can I further the cause of Free Earth Alliance?

The Truth Will Set You Free – So find your own freedom inside out. Be grounded and find love and compassion towards your own self. Don’t be afraid to discover more about your reality, because the power to alter your reality is in your hands. This power takes a quantum leap when you realise that we are all one consciousness, and no matter how heavenly you feel about your world, it is best to leave it to the free will of others, whether to see it from your perspective or not. So be kind and gentle with others. Avoid relying completely on logical thinking when it comes to dealing with people and life. Stay Neutral. Stay in Love. Remember one thing that if you are in the grace of divine consciousness, then you are in grace: while you are at war, after you win the war and after your leave for another plane. But if you are in fear, then you are in fear: while you are at war, even if you win the war, and even after you to move to the next plane. So make wise choices. All the best.

How can I volunteer for Free Earth Alliance?

You can write to us at with your ideas, interests, perspectives and skills, so that we can have a conversation with you. We are looking for PLANDEMIC and Natural World Order researchers, subject matter experts, scientists, lawyers, healers, doctors, architects, agriculturists, educators, coaches, editors, graphic designers, content creators, language translators, WordPress experts, short film makers, video editors, information technology experts and donors to improve our reach and quality of work. However, if you have skills that we have not mentioned here and if you feel that its relevant, then reach out to us with your ideas and tell us how you would like to contribute and shape the initiatives of Free Earth Alliance and our member organisations.

How can I get more information about my country on this site?

We are trying to make this site very international in its scope, so please get in touch with us and tell us about what’s happening in your country and your region of interest. Tell us about the researchers, movements and organisations that are active in these places and send us the links to their content or repositories, and we will try to add content from those sites with references and backlinks.

How can I contribute to various pages, if I feel that some very important content or reaserch is not included?

Find the relevant page and post your content submission on the Comment section and we will pick it up from there and update the site based on the relevance of the content submitted to the respective placeholder.

Can I submit my articles and how?

You can submit your articles to us at with the content, links and videos etc. either through email or in comment section of the relevant placeholder page. We will pick it up from there and publish it to the right placeholder on the site.

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