Hey Care Givers, We Are Going Off-Grid! Are You Coming?


Free Earth Alliance (FEA), is an umbrella platform that promotes free-flow of information, research and analysis, around world events related to health, law, technology, and governance, so as to help fellow beings find their own grain of truth, in this age of information overload. Through collective introspection and discourse, we help members on their journeys to soulfulness and self-governance. This helps members participate in the current largescale movement towards decentralized, self-sustainable, and self-sufficient communities living in sync with nature. Such communities will function with the help of council-based bottoms-up governance, based on Natural Law. This will collectively be known World-wide decentralized self-governance participation.

We do understand that in our present situation, our systems of health, education, housing, and food, are systematically controlled, broken, and self-limiting, due to systemic constraints that restrict individuals from reaching their highest potential. Our social institutions have become over-bearing and suffocating to free will, which has made the world such a disconnected place, whereby we have missed out on the joys of sharing and feeling secure in the cuddle of community. Our materialistic and competitive nature has kept us from enjoying the beauty of life – in arts and aesthetics. In terms of human health, rather than understanding that we are designed for self-healing, our modern-day tendencies have pushed us into quick fix mode. As per the article titled, “Antibodies & Immunity: Dispelling Two More Myths”, by Dawn Lester:

“It should be clear that, far from being the body’s army of fighters, the proteins the medical establishment incorrectly calls ‘antibodies’ are an essential part of the body’s healing mechanisms. It is important to recognize that attaining health does not require efforts to ‘fight disease’, because, as we explain in detail in our book, there are no ‘diseases’, there are only symptoms that represent the body’s efforts to expel toxins and heal itself. The attainment of health therefore requires efforts to support the body’s natural self-healing processes, which includes minimizing or, where possible, avoiding exposures to toxic substances.”


Our world is not currently operating in sync with nature, as designed by the infinite consciousness. Therefore, we are not fully connected to our roots, to the earth, or to our own conscience. As a result, we are all less aligned with our true selves, our fellow beings, and everything that existence has to offer – from the dew drops to the scaly mountains, the trees, the little birds, …the quiet rivers.

It is our grassroots attempt, to go off-grid, and to invite like-minded people to live together in harmony, as communities – to strengthen the collective, and to gain support through each other’s unique qualities – for today, and for generations to come. Looking forward, developing eco-villages seems to be the organic and most authentic solution, for us to turn to and redefine our values, by which we will recreate our habitat.


Our Eco-Villages will be built in consideration of climate, functionality, artistic expression, comfort (with an overlay of culture), spirituality, radiance, and contentment. Currently we are looking for volunteers from various disciplines such as holistic health and living, mass communication, indigenous farming, community schooling, free or renewable energy, natural law & justice, performing arts, multi-cultural alignment, and others. Within holistic health & living, we are looking for volunteers who are highly skilled, classical, and holistic practitioners, healers, yogis, shamans, doctors (who are open to holistic methods), nurses, paramedics, and care givers to help us build holistic natural wellness centers in our off-grid communities and integrated natural medicine committees.

We will be truly glad, if you would join us – to contribute your time and unique talent, as an expert – for this cause. Alternatively, you are most welcome to simply join and become a part of our upcoming self-sustainable, no-obligation eco-village community, which thrives on caring, sharing and contributing. Feel free to get in touch with us, or fill up this online form – https://freeearthalliance.org/lets-get-in-touch/


Team Free Earth Alliance

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Phone: +91 9845199081
Email: freeearthaliance@protonmail.com
Web: https://freeearthalliance.org


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