2.12.14 Despite severe injuries, the Lies March on!

How they lied about the “vaccines”!
Navy Doctor knows whats going on


All the proof and testimonies of these experimental “vaccine” induced deaths are there on alternate media channels and not the fake mainstream media channels. The Prime Minister of India as well as the Ministry of Health said the vaccines are 100% safe. Now because of the thousands in India who have died from Covid vaccines, we know that they have lied and are just saying what CDC & WHO and Vaccine Manufacturers are forcing them to say. Currently we are experiencing a push by recently hired, “frontline workers” recruited by the Indian government to push the vaccine agenda through the village Panchayats. If the government personnel or the new hirelings were truly informed as to the actual ingredients in these injections, they would realize their moral and legal culpability for the severe adverse reactions and deaths they will and are certainly causing. Each individual must use due diligence. People across the world are grossly unaware of the number of Covid-19 vaccine deaths and injuries, and that’s the only reason they assume they are safe. Also the fact that a large section of the experimental vaccine vials are possibly placebo/ saline shots, and hence not causing any harm, may also create an impression that adverse effects are rare. But everyone needs to know the truth, so please see the Adverse Drug Reactions of Covid-19 Vaccines on this WHO website called Vigiaccess. Scroll down to that page and checkbox – I understand (notice the WHO Logo). Then click Search database and type in Covid-19 Vaccine and click Search. Click ADRs then click on each ADR. You’ll be in for a shock! Awaken India Movement (AIM) has sent details of Covid Vaccine deaths covered by media/ social media in India as on 21.9.21 to various higher authorities of India. Vaccine Deaths in India covered by the Media! File updated till Victim #4946 File Link:

Note: (1). In case it doesn’t open on your phone, you may click the download button to open file in new tab (2). Actual cases of death after taking the Covid Vaccines can be 100 times more than the cases reported in this document due to severe under-reporting.

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