2.12.22 Informed consent was not mandated for the experimental vaccines – A medical fraud

Source: The Truth of The Scamdemic by Awaken India Movement

Covid-19 injections are being given under experimental clinical trials. Medical experiments cannot be made mandatory. Further, enrolling people for medical experiments without informed consent is Crime Against Humanity & punishable by death.

So, coming back to your decision to get the injection or to mandate others to get the same, were you aware at that time that the COVID19 injections dubbed “vaccines” were and still are an experimental injection? Did it occur to you, to question what was so earth-shattering that fell upon us, to require the entire planet to mandatorily take multiple experimental injections?

Even assuming there is a disease and these injections work as they claim, the actual/absolute risk reduction is around 1%, as against a relative risk reduction of 70% – 90% as reported by media, government and regulators. This means that the risk of any person getting COVID-19 itself is less than 0.8%, which means 99.2% are safe irrespective of whether they take injections or not. Of that 0.8%, the risk of one getting COVID-19 is 70% more if they are not vaccinated. But if they get COVID-19 its not all doom, the recovery rates have seen to be 99% . The study on which media, government, and regulators in India are basing the 70% – 90% risk reduction are funded by ICMR and the injection manufacturer Bharat Biotech. In general there have been massive conflicts of interest, which have surfaced.

Medical fraud committed by the CDC and WHO was not mandating informed consent for the experimental vaccines. It means that every person was not informed in advance at vaccination centres about the contraindications of each vaccine or about their side effects. This is against international law. Their consent in writing was not taken for the COVID-19 experimental vaccines. The result is that it left people unaware that some of them should not be taking the vaccine and this resulted in millions of vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths around the world.

Source: Snooze 2 Awaken by Sol Luckman

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