2.12.9 Operation Warped Speed: Covax Eugenics & Genocide

Source: Snooze 2 Awaken by Sol Luckman

A cornucopia of categorized links exploring & exposing COVID-19 lies with a collection of sources & reference material focused Operation Warped Speed, Covax Eugenics, & Genocide.

Bombshell: Connecticut Publishes Deadly Covax Ingredients*
Mass Vaccination Triggers Sharp Spike in Cases & Deaths*
Scientific Proof of Covax Genocide*
CDC: Covax Death Toll Skyrocketing, Historically Speaking*
Dr. Yeadon: Covax Being “Used for Massive-scale Depopulation”*
Indian Health Minister Gets Vaxxed, Passes out, Dies
Woman Drops Dead (?) on Video from mRNA Vaccine
CDC Reports 2 More Infant Deaths from Experimental Covax
48-year-old Surgeon Dies from Covax after Mocking “Anti-vaxxers”
COVID Jabs May Have Killed 300K in 3 Months*
COVID Doctor Claims Gov’t Hiding Many Vaccine Deaths*
Doctor: COVID Shots Killing Large Numbers*
Operation Jab India: Slow Genocide*
Genocide in the US Continues
Microbiologist: COVID Vaccines to Decimate World Population*
Euro Data: 8K KILLED, 330K Injured by COVID-19 Jabs*
Admission: Covax Designed to “Euthanize,” Not “Immunize”*
2-year-old Dead 6 Days after 2nd Experimental Pfizer Shot
Israeli Committee: Report on the Lethal Impact of COVID Vaccines
Doctor: COVID Shots to “Decimate World Population”*
8 Ways mRNA COVID Vaccines Can Kill You*
21-year-old Premed Student Dies Day after Covax
Attorney Leah Dundass Stands up against Covax Genocide
SHOCKING: 28 Days of Covax Deaths*
Former Pfizer VP: The Government’s Lies Can Kill You*
CNN Legal Contributor Dies after Getting mRNA Vaccine
THE TELEGRAPH: Third Wave Deaths Will Be Driven by the Vaccinated*
Woman Who Died: “The Vaccine Is Killing Me!”
Italy: 2 More Teachers Dead after AstraZeneca COVID Shot
David Icke on Vaccine Depopulation*
Genocidal Covax Trials on Infants Have Begun*
Shock after Another Italian Professor Dies after COVID Jab
Vaccine Deaths Spike Dramatically in First Quarter of 2021*
31-year-old Schoolteacher Dies after Covax
Eurocide: Nearly 4K Dead, 163K Injured by Experimental Covid “Vaccines“*
Young People Are Now Dying after Covax*
Female Military Member Dies after COVID-19 Vaccine
Australian Health Minister in Critical Condition One Day after Covax
Italian City Seizes 400K COVID Vaccines & Opens Manslaughter Investigation*
European Countries Halt AstraZeneca Covax over Blood Clots & Deaths*
COVID Vaccines Are Deadly Experiments with Dangerous Consequences*
28-year-old Physical Therapist Dies Two Days after Covax
CDC Data: Reports of Deaths after Covax up 259 in a Week
Another Vaccine KO: Boxing Legend Marvin Hagler Dead at 66
Global Covax: A Psyop to Deceive Humanity into Transhumanism & Worse*
Doctor: Covid Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction & Would Wipe Us Out
Aussie Navy in Covax Coverup after Mass Adverse Reactions?
Utah Mom, 39, Dies after Receiving Second Dose of Moderna Vaccine
One Nurse Dead & Another Injured as Austria Suspends AstraZeneca Covax*
Health Minister in Critical Condition Just One Day after COVID Vaccine
CDC: 1265 Deaths & 25K Injuries from Experimental mRNA “Vaccines”
Doctor: 10 Deady Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccines*
Whistleblower: Many Pregnancy Complications from Experimental Covax
Death Rates Skyrocker in Israel with Experimental Pfizer “Vaccines”*
Pfizer Covax Killed 40 Times More People Than the Virus Would Have
Bioethics & the New Eugenics
Doctor Mocks Anti-vaxxers While Receiving Covax, Dies Days Later
Floridians Report Hundreds of Covax Side Effects & Deaths*
Black Leaders Dare to Tell the Truth about Vaccine Genocide
Whistleblower: Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links
Hospitals SLOWING DOWN Covid Injections as Healthcare Workers Fall Ill in Droves
The Gene Code Injection: An Experiment on Humanity*
Update on RN Who Took the Covax: It’s NOT Good!
CDC: 929 Dead, 16K Injured by Experimental mRNA COVID Injections*
Italy: Dozens of Teachers Sick after Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine
46 Spanish Nursing Home Residents Die after COVID-19 Vaccine*
2947 Americans Die in 7 Days from Pfizer mRNA Covax*
“Do Not Resuscitate” Notices for COVID Patients with Learning Disabilities
Elderly Man Perishes Shortly after COVID-19 Vaccine
“Something Isn’t Right”: Last Words of Grandmother Who Died Just after Jab
Bill Gates Admits Covax Will Adversely Affect & Maim 700K People*
Doctor Shares How Depopulation Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months*
Doctors & Nurses Giving Covax Will Be Tried as War Criminals*
58-year-old Woman Dies Hours after First Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Dose
Dr. Mercola: Seniors Dying after Covax Labeled as Dying from Natural Causes
It’s Not Just the Elderly: 19-year-old in ICU after Pfizer Jab
Dr. Mercola: How COVID-19 “Vaccines” May Destroy the Lives of Millions*
“Excited” X-ray Tech Dies after Second Dose of Pfizer Covax
Disappeared after Vaccination? Where Is Nurse Tiffany Dover?
329 Deaths & 9,845 Adverse Events from Pfizer & Moderna Shots
One Third of UK “Care” Home Residents Dead after Getting the Jab*
Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Dying Like Flies after COVID Jabs
The Biden/Globalist Agenda to Delete Humanity through Global Extermination
53 COVID Deaths in Tiny Gibraltar in Only 10 Days*
181 Dead in the US during 2-week Period from Experimental COVID Injections*
Florida Man Develops & Dies from Rare Autoimmune Disorder after COVID Jab
Healthcare Worker Dies 4 Days after Second Pfizer Vaccine
Hank Aaron Hammered to Death by Moderna’s COVID-19 Snake Oil
At Least 55 People Have Died in US after Receiving COVID Vaccines*
Criminal Correlations between Vaxxtermination Rollout & “COVID Deaths”
Covax Culling of the Herd Begins

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The Truth about Adverse Reactions, from the so-called Vaccines


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