2.12.27 How to check the contents of the injection?

Article from Free Earth Alliance

Nano-Tech In The Shots? Check Your Own Shots!

This research should be continued by other laboratories, as below:

Get some high quality German slides and cover slips. Place a drop of vaccine from a used vial or a fresh vial. Observe the activity at lower magnification and also at 1600 to 4000x using dark field microscopy. Get a dry incubator for the fresh slides and set it at different temperatures ranging from 38-42 for at least an hour. Observe again. If nothing interesting occurred, try putting it back in the incubator. Follow up the second day. Do the same with a drop of blood and a drop of vaccine. Combine different vaccine lots and use one drop of the combined vaccines on each slide.

Use PPE and vent the space so you are not breathing the liquid (a laminar flow hood would be ideal) and wear gloves.


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