2.13.10 Suppression of incriminating facts by Big Tech

Source: No Jab For Me by Paul Adams

This is the extent of the CDC’s disclosure of adverse events from Covid vaccines. Notice the CDC is still learning (after decades of experience with coronaviruses) how many people need to be vaccinated before population immunity is achieved – ie. before Pfizer has met its sales targets.

– 15-16 October 2019. In the Vaccine Safety Net Workshop, in preparation for IMMUNIZATION AGENDA 2030, conspicuously concealed, that Microsoft, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, Facebook and academics were retained to:

“surface trustworthy, science based, high quality vaccine safety information in the digital sphere”

This is how they scrub their websites of any incriminating facts.

Let’s be very clear, when former Clinton advisor, Naomi Wolf PhD, is sounding the alarm on the dangers of the vaccines to the point that Twitter bans her, this is no longer a political issue but a humanitarian issue.

This is what Pro-Vax bots look like on Twitter. A Facebook whistleblower blows the lid wide open.

Many scientists are claiming that Omicron is the mild virus that is acting like the vaccine that Pharma could not produce, and it appears to protect against delta virus. An article.

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