2.13.12 Media Mind Control & Propaganda

Mainstream Media (MSM) downplays risks from vaccine but drums up risks from virus. Shows bias towards vaccine, by ignoring real injuries following vaccination, and shows concern towards a theoretical danger of virus. Do you see that Mainstream Media (MSM) has failed to highlight these events and in fact the MSM along with the large Social Media platforms has downplayed them, possibly on a convenient “moral” justification of not “fear mongering”. Then participating in drumming up the Corona waves and rise in cases (which will obviously rise, if masses keep testing, considering RT PCR throws 97% false positive) on a convenient “moral” justification of telling the truth to people. Under the guise of encouraging people to protect themselves, they have proposed only one solution which is dubbed “vaccine” (with an altered definition) and kept their advertisers in the money while suppressing other treatments to keep the Emergency Use Authorization alive, and to push a toxic substance in the name of “vaccines”.

Scripted Journalists (Media) All The Saying The Same Thing

Psychological vaccine messaging study on persuasive vaccination messaging

A quick glance on how they did a psychological vaccine messaging study on persuasive vaccination messaging, to come up with the most effective messaging to drive experimental vaccinations.

COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging, Part 1 – Full Text View – ClinicalTrials.gov

Persuasive messaging to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake intentions – PMC

Now you can understand how contrarian views and cautionary negative developments would have been already anticipated and pre-decided to be labelled as dis-information and mis-information.

Because otherwise true science should have been open to consider criticism and possible harm from every quarter. But if studies are done on how to drive one messaging most effectively and then really executed, it shows lack of concern towards a possible harmful fallout, specially when alleged “vaccines” are experimental. All this while risks of so-called infection from alleged coronavirus has been shown to be only to 1% of the population, with 99% survival for this 1% population. While the method to the test people for their ability to spread a possible virus, i.e. PCR test, to check the alleged contagion has now been called out by CDC to be un-suitable to test for contagiousness, which was always the case and has been denied by the establishment.

50+ Types of Propaganda

What exactly is ‘Propaganda’? Propaganda (the word is from a New Latin term meaning “propagating,” synonymous in this connotation with publicizing) has been defined as “communication intended to shape perceptions, manipulate cognition, and direct behavior.”

1. Ad hominem: attacking opponents rather than opponents’ ideas or principles
2. Ad nauseam: repeating ideas relentlessly so that the audience becomes inured to them
3. Appeal to authority: use of authority figures (or perceived authority figures such as an authoritative institution or individual) to support ideas
4. Appeal to fear: exploitation of audience anxieties or concerns
5. Appeal to prejudice: Read More…

Source: Snooze 2 Awaken by Sol Luckman

A cornucopia of categorised links exploring & exposing COVID-19 lies with a collection of sources & reference material focused around how Mainstream Media was involved in Mind Control and how it resorted to spreading propaganda rather than playing its role of being an independent media.

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