2.13.24 WHO holds co-morbidities as the reason for people dying after getting the jab. Really ?

President of Brazil Bolsonaro and Tedros of WHO were speaking at the G20 summit in Rome. At 1:17 in the video you can hear President Bolsonaro argue “many who got the second dose are dying”. Tedros responded that this will happen among those with other underlying health conditions. 

However, as everyone should now be aware the vast majority of people who were dying with Covid-19 prior to the introduction of a vaccine were also only those with other underlying health conditions. Which begs the question as to what exactly has changed following the roll-out of an experimental gene therapy? This has rather put children, pregnant women and young healthy people at risk of dying due to the experimental gene manipulation injection which carries a risk of adverse reaction which however rare as it is portrayed to be, when given to a large majority of earth’s population will be a huge number. For what good? Was it really to save elderly and co-morbid? Like we have seen, there were no unusual excess deaths when the lockdowns were introduced and a group of lawyers have given an account of how the first wave was doctored.


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