2.13.6 Health Regulators & Vaccine manufacturers, continue to peddle the jabs despite injuries. 

https://main.nojabforme.info/ by Paul Adams

​As at October 2021, Anthony Fauci is continuing to peddle the jabs as safe when reports indicate the majority of hospital admissions are of the fully vaccinated and the jabs prevent neither infection nor transmission. This fact was accentuated by WHO in the recent G20 meeting

As for jabbing children, even J&J executives are repulsed by the idea.

Pfizer erroneously states its jab cannot give you COVID-19, when in reality – as we shall establish – the messenger RNA medical device programs your cells to produce the pathogen in the form of the Spike Protein, the very pathogen that the jab is supposed to shield you from.

For emphasis, neither the FDA & CDC nor State or county Covid-19 FAQ websites nor the package insert detailing the ingredients and warnings of the jab vials have revealed to the public the 20+ adverse events discussed in October 2020, which include death and myocarditis related to Covid-19 injections. See pg. 16 of document or the ingredients. In fact, the insert is blankblankblank. Even the NEJM on Nov. 24/21 declared the jabs can produce myocarditis.

​​As Biden announces Surge Teams to fight Delta variants in hotspots, Fauci fails to explain that the Delta variant (dubbed B.1.617.2) is produced by the vaccinated. In other words, vaccinating the unvaccinated will only accelerate the spread of the Delta variant. Reports claim the delta viral load in the mouths of the vaccinated are 250 times greater than in the unvaccinated. This may have been an attempt to paint the extreme adverse events from the jab, as an extremely lethal version of the variant.

Variants vary by only .3% from the original virus, according to former Pfizer VP, Dr. Michael Yeadon and founder of DOCTORS FOR COVID ETHICS. Variants are invariably attenuated, or less virulent versions of the original version, that is, they are less deadly. This is a well-established fact known to virologists and epidemiologists. But, if the original virus has not been isolated, then the issue of more virulent or attenuated variants is moot.

Yet, special WHO COVID-19 envoy to India, Dr. David Nabarro, does not allude to that fact, but continues to peddle fear by suggesting a long line of variants is expected to manifest that will exhaust the Greek alphabet (and maybe even the Russian alphabet).

And, Fauci, as he is still learning about the effects of vaccines, and sounding more and more like a university sophomore, proposes that 90% of Americans need to be vaccinated in order for herd immunity to take hold, as more doctors produce sworn affidavits on the lethal jabs.

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