2.13.9 Media Censorship & Deplatforming of COVID-19 Truth

Article from Free Earth Alliance

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Silicon valley algorithm manipulation is the only thing keeping mainstream media alive

Mailchimp joins censorship

Advocate Sahil Goyal explains censorship by Big Tech

Source: Snooze 2 Awaken by Sol Luckman

A cornucopia of categorized links exploring & exposing COVID-19 lies with a collection of sources & reference material focused media censorship, deplatforming on BigTech around COVID-19 Truth.

Scientism, Not Leftism, Underlies All Big Tech Censorship*
Google & YouTube Sued for Censorship
Down the Tube: Take a Stand with Fallen Patriot Accounts
Blatant Censorship: The Great YouTube Purge
YouTube Censors White House Health Advisor Scott Atlas*
Facebook Fact Checkers Bought & Paid for by Gates Foundation?*
Google Censorship Planned for Second Wave*
Dr. Andrew Kaufman Explains the Truth about the Outbreak

Other Sources

Kulvinder Kaur MD (@dockaurG) twitteó: We live in a time of dangerous medical/ scientific censorship: truthful/courageous testimony of Dr. Peter Doshi, PhD, esteemed professor of pharmaceutical health services research & senior editor of British Medical Journal, calling for critical thinking has been removed by YouTube

Big Tech censorship threatens democracy.

Source: The Truth Of The Scamdemic by Awaken India Movement

These open minded physicians Dr. Eric and Dr. Arthur, from California, were the first to strike the covid-19 narrative and exposed how real science was not just virology but a mix of various other fields which helped people understand the true science about our immune system. They presented their own data and conclusions to the current over reaction which was initially recorded by the WHO, CDC and other corporations incharge. Youtube quickly deleted this video as the truth is stronger than the lies they present to us. Everything that they talk about can be verified via independent research.

Academy of Divine Knowledge by UNIFYD (Jason Shurka)

Here is an article curated by Academy of Divine Knowledge on censorship by YouTube.

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