2.15 – What’s Happening in India

Source: Free Earth Alliance Volunteers

You must understand that the agenda has been “Global” in nature, and hence it hasn’t been easy for governmental authorities to escape the dictates of the agenda that were set in place. For all you know your government is facing a multi frontal war to save this great nation. You have to appreciate that the Indian Government allowed people to use Ivermectin which was blocked by other countries, and successfully blocked the deadly mRNA injections of Pfizer & Moderna. We must not be complacent, and do what we must as awakened Indians.

So, it’s up to you to decide what the Indian Government did or did not do. Indians have to understand that they have been somewhat protected compared to some other countries like Australia and Canada. We can credit our ancestors, shamans and God for keeping us immune from the kind of governmental tyranny that has been witnessed in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe & United States as they turned into a dictatorial tyrannical rule. There has been, however, a great uprising in Australia, US and the rest of the world. 

The mRNA technology was blocked by the Indian Government to enter India. For a long time, early treatment packages were permitted, encouraged and distributed. These packages included Ivermectin as part of the early treatment protocol for COVID-19. In addition the AYUSH Ministry, though subdued, did approve a natural protocol. Lockdowns were not as severe as they were in Australia and New Zealand. Perhaps, because the Indian Population is so large, it saved us from being pushed into a police state. Therefore, Indians risk being complacent. It’s important to hold the line and not allow the official Global COVID narrative to engulf us any further. We cannot allow our children (or anyone, any further) to be injected with the experimental so-called COVID-19 “vaccine”. There has been a severe negative economic and social impact on the people of India due to lockdowns. Large sections of the Indian population survive on daily earnings. The middle class Indians also have been financially decimated due to lockdowns. We cannot allow the Omicron variant narrative, the experimental vaccine mandates and the hype of the Third wave to gain any further traction.

However, there are some important differences between how India handled the situation vis a vis the rest of the world. It seems to be a case of some wins and some losses. The Indian Government seems to be treading a thin line of loyalty to their citizens and having to face pressures put on them by the Big Pharma on one side and the Chinese Community Party on the other side. We have no inside information. These are opinions based on various connecting various dots that we came across during the Research.

For all we know, the Government is waiting for us citizens to wake up to the reality, and millions of people worldwide have already woken up to the truth and are standing up against the medical tyranny and many are waking up by the day and rejecting the experimental COVID-19 injections. After all, we have to deserve democracy, our liberty, our sovereignty and our good health. By the way, even the global peaceful resistance movements are not covered as much in the MSM. This movement has entered the social fabric worldwide with musicians and satire artists expressing their voices. Many celebrities have raised their voice criticising the official response to COVID-19, and there is some optimism surrounding a better outcome for humanity.

COVID-19 Vaccine Operational Guidelines by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

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