2.15.22 Employers, Governmental & Educational Institutions are illegally mandating a clearly dangerous experimental gene disrupter which is Causing Injuries & Death

Source: The Truth of the Scamdemic by Awaken India Movement

All over the country we are now seeing letters and notices from institutions or agencies trying to force people to get vaccinated. This is unlawful, as the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India still states the Covid-19 vaccines are voluntary; again, a shot which doesn’t meet the legal definition of a vaccination. We all have a right to refuse this grotesque medical experiment which is purely voluntary especially because a large number of people are getting vaccine injuries or dying from them with every passing day. We all have the right to use effective natural medicine protocols to heal ourselves, and also protect our body from any harm or genetic manipulation. There are no studies or data to confirm a drop in transmission from Vaccination. In fact, there has been a large spike in positive cases since the vaccination drives have begun. The COVISHIELD vaccine is the same as the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine, which has been discontinued, and even banned in 16 countries. Why is this not considered before carrying out mass vaccination with the same COVISHIELD in India? If you received injuries from these experimental vaccines, why has the vaccine manufacturer not compensated you for it? Why have the families of vaccine death victims not been monetarily compensated for their deaths? Did you know that Covid Vaccines are still in clinical phase III trials and have not been approved by the FDA? And by taking these experimental vaccines, you have agreed to be a test subject for a genetic experiment that has never been done on Humanity before? Such experiments on people are banned by The Nuremberg Code. Before you take the vaccine, please read the contraindications written on the paper insert in the vaccine box to know if you are allergic to the vaccine. Only then sign the informed consent form before receiving the vaccine. If you actually read the ingredients and do some research, it is unlikely you would still sign on to take such an obvious bioweapon. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare states that the vaccines are voluntary and High Courts in India have ruled that these vaccines cannot be forced on anyone. So anyone in India who is forcing the vaccine on you is actually committing a criminal act that is punishable by law.


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