2.15.29 Omicron – a blessing in disguise – Experts

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Allowing the spreading of Omicron is the only option of removing corona fear completely. It will make the public more safe and save Lacs of Crores of public money.

1). Senior officials in the Health Ministry of Israel have raised the option of switching to a “herd immunity policy.”

2) Indian scientists have also given similar suggestions that Omicron being a mild virus is a natural vaccine. This seems to be a good news for people and perhaps a bad news for vaccine companies. Expert opinion on Omicron is that it is a blessing in disguise and is acting like natural vaccine creating natural immunity. Omicron is going to end the pandemic and such immunity is 27 times better, robust and long lasting than immunity developed by vaccines.

3) Israeli senior doctor’s tweet is also important.
Afshine Emrani MD FACC (@afshineemrani) Tweeted:
@RWMaloneMD “Omicron is literally the vaccine, the vaccine companies could not make.”
It is attenuated. No hospitalizations. No critical patients. No oxygenation. Everyone will be exposed and will get it. Within 8 weeks the world will be vaccinated. Why the panic??? It could’ve been a lot worse.

4) Experts from India also exposed the malafides and double standards of WHO.

5) “Omicron is nature’s own vaccine, will be the endgame of COVID-19”, Says another expert.

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