2.15.31 Questions for the Government in Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha

Source: Awaken India Movement

1. CDSCO has not EVEN granted permission to conduct clinical trials on pregnant women and breast-feeding women. All clinical trials enrolled ONLY healthy participants in the COVID-19 vaccine trials and as per exclusion criteria, Pregnant and lactating/ breast-feeding women were excluded. Covaxin and Sputnik manufacturers clearly mention contraindications for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Also, the Covishield manufacturer mentions that not enough studies have been done on pregnant women. Yet, MOHFW and the Government are recommending these Covid-19 shots for pregnant and lactating women. What is the scientific basis for this?

2. The mainstream media as on Nov. 30 2021 has reported 10,561 Covid-19 vaccine related deaths. As per studies done in other countries, the actual numbers could be at least 100 times higher. Several people in the public limelight itself have died. Some names – Puneet Rajukumar, Tamil actor Vivekh, Avi Barot, umpire Bansal, Sidharth Shukla, Raj Kaushal, Amit Mistry, Manisha Yadav, Sonu Nigam’s brother-in-law, Kaizzad, Mahesh Koneru, Rinku Singh, Kalyan Singh, Brahma Mishra, the list is long. When will the government start an in-depth investigation into this matter?

3. All advertisements put out by the government state that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective. If they are safe, why has the government given immunity to the manufacturers for deaths and adverse events? What is the scientific rationale and basis for indemnifying Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers? This seems very odd given that there are no meaningful short-term studies leave alone mid-term and long-term studies.

4. CDSCO has clearly mentioned that they have not given permission for clinical trials on post-diseased individuals (that is, those who previously suffered from Covid-19). Why then is the government not warning citizens who have suffered and recovered from Covid-19 to not get injected by the Covid-19 vaccines? Why is no such alert being issued?

5. As per Delhi HC ruling in W. P. (C) 343/2019 & CM Nos. 1604-1605/2019 HOD, Preventive Medicine, AIIMS was directed to finalize list of contraindications and risks associated with vaccines to be included in advertisements promoting vaccines. At the moment, campaigns and advertisements by government agencies and the media make absolutely no mention of Covid-19 risks and contraindications. Why are Indian citizens being kept in the dark about Covid-19 vaccine risks and contraindications?

6. An overwhelming majority of Covid-19 patients in 2021 in India have been vaccinated by Covaxin, Covishield, or Sputnik. What then is the use of these vaccines? Why is the government still encouraging people to get jabbed by these injections?

7. There is no risk reduction from the Covid-19 vaccines as can be seen from the table below. On what basis has CDSCO approved these Covid-19 vaccines, especially given the number of deaths and adverse events that is happening all around the country and the world?

8. Sometimes, government agencies mention that Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is used during Covid19 vaccine manufacturing process. Sometimes, they deny that FBS is used. Is the government aware if FBS is an ingredient in Covid-19 vaccines? If it is, then it is a big issue for many Indians who worship cows.

9. Many countries which implemented Covid-19 Vaccine for under 18-year olds have reported thousands of cases of side-effects including deaths with severe adverse events such as myocarditis, pericarditis and thrombosis which have led to a sharp rise in mortality figures of children in comparison to last year. Reports say that the Covid-19 Vaccines are killing 117 children to protect 1 child from Covid-19. It clearly indicates that risks outweigh the benefits. Why then is the government proceeding with Covid-19 vaccines for children?


10. What are the reasons for discouraging alternative treatment protocols for curing people who have had Covid-19 symptoms over the past 20 months? Why is the government only encouraging western treatments and vaccines when there are 1000s of years of rich and successful history of traditional healing methods in India for any health condition?

11. What is the rationale and scientific basis for asking Indian citizens to follow Covid appropriate behaviour (such as masking, distancing, and so on) even after they have received all doses of the EFFECTIVE Covid-19 vaccines? This makes absolutely no sense and it is a pity that this charade is being played out throughout the country. What is the real reason for
masks? We know it cannot do any good as viral particles (even if they can cause harm and are pathogenic) are tens of hundreds of times smaller than the pore sizes of cloth, surgical, and N95 masks?

12. 97.2% who tested positive till Aug. 2021 were asymptomatic (that is, they were healthy) as can be seen from this table supplied by ICMR:

Is the government OK with calling its healthy people (that is, asymptomatic people) sick? Is the government not aiding in the fear-mongering with such meaningless pronouncements?

13. Government agencies talk about variants such as delta and give out statistics based on this. All this sounds unbelievable as the RT-PCR test being used to detect SARS-CoV-2 is under emergency use authorisation. How can something under EUA detect variants? Can the government explain this?

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