2.17.5 Scandals That Reveal Bad Actors Relative to COVID-19

Source: Snooze 2 Awaken by Sol Luckman

Medical Journals Are Corrupt to the Core*
Trump Publicly Excoriates Fauci & Birx*
Chris Cuomo Collapsing under Weight of New Bombshell COVID Scandal
Pfizer CEO Not Taking His Own COVID Vaccine*
Climate Czar John Kerry Caught on Flight without a Mask
Schools Everywhere Forced to Close Because of Adverse Covax Reactions
Dems (!) Want to Strip Cuomo of Powers Following COVID Coverup*
China’s “Easy Access” to CA Governor Helps Him Score $1B Mask Contract*
Boris Johnson Caught Cycling Miles from Downing Street during Lockdown
Bill de Blasio’s Private Lockdown Gym
The Lastest NOVID-19 Scandal Involving Hypocrite of the House Pelosi
Dr. Birx Caught Breaking Her Own COVID Guidelines*
World’s Largest Vaccine Maker Suing Man Claiming Covax Inured Him
Oregon Secretary of State Caught Hosting Party in Defiance of COVID Orders
PCR Inventor Said Fauci Was a Liar Who Abused Test Data for an Agenda*
Austin Mayor in Cabo While Saying “Residents Need to Stay Home”
Louisiana Governor Socializing Maskless Just before Enacting Stricter Lockdowns
Major COVID Hypocrisy over Thanksgiving in California
Gavin Newsom Caught up in Massive Chinese Mask Money Laundering Scheme*
Despotic CA Governor Attended Party That Didn’t Follow COVID-19 Guidelines
Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Advisor: Nobody Should Live Past 75*
Boo Hoo. The Moonbats Stole Our Election. Now What?*
CDC, FDA Investigated to See Whether “Scientific Integrity” Is Compromised
Coronavirus Fraud Scandal—The Biggest Fight Has Just Begun*
LA County’s Public Health Director Admits Real Reason for Lockdowns*
What Pelosi’s Scandal Says about the “Lockdown Elite”*
Gym Owners Furious after Learning Govt. Gyms Have Been Open for Months*
BUSTED: Minion “Dr.” Birx Lets the Cat out of the Bag
Lockdown Creator Professor Ferguson Resigns after Breaking Lockdown Rules*
Bill Gates Accused of Bribing Foreign Government to Pass Compulsory Vax Bill


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