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Movie: Terrain, The Film (Part 1 & 2)

Terrain – The Film (Part 1 & 2)

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We have come to trust the medical establishment, vaccines, doctors, germ theory, and evidence based medicine over many years. However, not many people are aware that vaccines, germ theory, and evidence based medicine are not absolute. Lets explore the criticism.

Based on your understanding of vaccines in a historical context, you would have been taught that our bodies are what produce antibodies. Vaccines are only meant to trigger their production. But triggering the production of antibodies requires the body to be a healthy body or immuno – competent. For instance COVID-19 injections “dubbed” Vaccines have been contra-indicated (means not advised for) people who’s immunities are compromised. What does that mean ? Healthy people don’t need it, as they can produce non-specific antibodies when their bodies needs them, yet the un-healthy can’t benefit from them either, because production of sufficient antibodies depends upon on own body being in a basic state of health. Instead, in the current situation with the “coerced vaccinations” being pumped into comorbid (immune-compromised) people, these un-fortunates have to now cope with injections containing extremely dangerous adjuvants which have caused debilitating side effects and innumerable deaths falsely attributed to coronavirus. Couple this with the stress caused by excessive fear mongering and we have an extremely health threatening cocktail.

Thus, it seems that we are being sold a bill of goods that infers vaccine based immunity is nothing but “vaccine triggered innate natural immunity”? Which means that the quality of vaccine induced innate natural immunity of a person can’t be disproportionately higher than his underlying innate natural immunity itself, as there is an obvious dependency on the innate natural immunity. It has become clearer to many scientists world-over that vaccine induced innate natural immunity is poorer due to vaccines’ toxic ingredients, which the recipient has to deal with. So why is the medical establishment ignoring innate natural immunity, when it relies on the very same innate natural immunity to trigger the antibodies?

To top it all, has anyone asked this question as to why we have to trigger the body to make antibodies at all? As if apparent absence of antibodies is a conclusive evidence of lack of immunity. Can the body not produce the non-specific antibodies when it considers a micro-organism to be a threat? When we rely on the intelligence of the body to produce antibodies naturally, why don’t we rely on the body to decide when to produce them? Why does it have to be triggered and aren’t their risks associated with triggering it, also known as Antibody Enhancement Dependency? All these points and more are explored in this article – Does Evidence Based Medicine, rely on a flawed assumption about immunity?

Why are COVID-19 injections not vaccines?
It is essential to understand that these experimental COVID-19 injections are not what we have traditionally understood to be vaccines. The definition of the term vaccine was changed only recently which allows these experimental COVID-19 injections to pass through as “vaccines” thereby convincing the public that these are like just any other vaccine. Thus the injections which contain an actual microscopic device which pumps out dangerous spike proteins, are presented to an unsuspecting public as a “vaccine”, thus also avoiding liability of the manufacturers for any adverse reactions. To the contrary these experimental injections seem to be doing more harm than good. If you have taken one of the COVID-19 injections and experienced no harm, that is most likely because they are being given in lots, under an experimental clinical trial, and you may have been lucky to have received a placebo shot.

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