2.2.1 – Burden is on Public Health, to rule out the Nocebo Effect of virus fear mongering.

Author: Mayank Pincha

The Nocebo effect is the opposite of the placebo effect. It describes a situation where a negative outcome occurs due to a belief that the intervention will cause harm. It is a sometimes forgotten phenomenon in the world of medicine safety.

Nocebo comes from the Latin noceo, to harm and means “I shall harm” whereas placebo means “I shall please.”

The Nocebo Effect suggests that the mind has the power to fear a treatment and create the after effects. Can the mind not similarly fear the virus and create the after effects, we were told it could create? We understand the power of the mind.

An Explainer Video On Nocebo Effect

We must give cognizance to the fact that Scientists, by themselves admits that there are many unknowns in our understanding of human health, which means that people are not impacted merely by what we see in laboratories and trials especially when trials are largely made on people with illnesses. These trials cannot cast doubts on people with good health to effectively defend against any supposed pathogens, that may have affected those with underlying health conditions. In the same way, trials on healthy people of any proposed medicine, cannot be taken as safe for people with underlying health conditions.

Most people are not at any extra risk from the alleged coronavirus, than the risks that they normally have due to their underlying conditions. Attributing the infections/ deaths to corona virus has no public health benefit as people will continue to be at risk due to their underlying conditions. The underlying conditions are better dealt with through natural methods. In-fact, Nocebo effect of fearing the virus, can manifest the symptoms that the so-called virus is known to create.

Data from sick people does not apply to healthy people. Most people are healthy, that’s why they have a high recovery rate nearing 99%. Is it not better to rely on Ayurveda? Ministry of AYUSH of India has in fact recognized the age old Ayurveda and Yoga protocols for COVID-19. There are other early treatments like Ivermectin & HCQ which many doctors and scientists have advised for COVID-19 symptoms. On the other hand, Covid-19 Injections dubbed “Vaccines” under trials in India, have shown debilitating adverse reactions. Risks far outweigh benefits when risk of the alleged corona virus itself seems exaggerated and unproven for the vast healthy majority.

Still by buying into this fear, humanity is falling in a trap and depleting their health further due to corona measures. Lockdowns have caused financial travesty pushing middle and lower income groups, into debt slavery. This has its own implications in terms of mental health, which further reduces immunity and makes illnesses more severe, creating the appearance of the so-called waves. This is Nocebo effect at work at a massive global scale.

Infact, the concept of variants are used to justify and normalize the subsequent waves of sickness to justify the lockdowns to decimate the middle class. As the Davos group that is spearheading “The Great Reset” has stated that “You will own nothing, and will be happy”. The evil has hijacked and weaponized the spiritual message of finding happiness beyond material life to take away all our resources, own them and deprive others of their inalienable rights and equitable share of the planet, that too without honouring people’s free will, and through deceit and deception.

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