2.2.2 – Panic causes Partial Breathlessness as explained by Prof. Buteyko

Author: Mayank Pincha

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We now know that thousands of people have been severely harmed or killed by being put on unnecessary ventilators. It has already come out that much of what has been called COVID-19, is actually caused by exposure to 5G in the 60 gigahertz range. In this range, 5G radiation keeps the oxygen in our lungs from being transferred into the cells of the body. The 5G radiation effectively messes with the haemoglobin in our blood keeping the blood from further transferring oxygen into our cells.

The following information regarding respiration from Professor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko will give the reader further insights which are missed by most physicians, unless they have gleaned some of the information offered by the Yogic Sciences related to breathing.

In 1946 Buteyko enrolled at the First Moscow Institute of Medicine. He gained his degree in 1952 and became a resident. During his medical studies he was given a project of making observations on patients’ breathing rates in relation to the severity and prognosis of their illness.

He soon came to the conclusion that there was an association between these two factors, such that as a patient’s condition became more severe, so their breathing rate increased. Buteyko reasoned that if there really was a connection between hyperventilation and illness it should be possible to reverse this by deliberate breath control. Having already made a study of several texts on Yoga he was aware of exercises in breath restriction/ breath holding and so began to experiment both on himself and with his patients. These early trials became known as the Buteyko method.

Based on this understanding of breath science which I experienced through my own body, I understand that feeding oxygen to a person who is feeling low on oxygen, may lead to undesirable outcomes.

So much oxygen is already available in the air. So, when people are feeling low on oxygen, it’s because the body is not able to direct the inhaled oxygen, all the way to the cells, tissues, muscles and organs. So if that part of the mechanism is not working as expected, how will it help to put him/ her under artificial oxygen through the same mechanism?

Just thinking out loud, why does one alleged coronavirus, create such a diverse consequence amongst the population with a wide spectrum, all the way from death to many people being asymptomatic ?

The secret lies in the state we were in when we got allegedly attacked by the coronavirus, if at all there is one! Did we have other suppressed weaknesses (underlying conditions)? How did we respond to it mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically? Responding in panic will increase breathing/ mouth breathing, which will in turn reduce oxygen absorption by the cells. Why? Because over breathing (O2) leads to over exhalation (CO2). Simple ? This over-exhalation of CO2 reduces the CO2 reserves in the Alveoli sacs in the lungs. A healthy quantum of CO2 reserves, plays the role of breaking the inhaled oxygen down, so it can be absorbed by the body’s cells sufficiently.

So you may intake excessive oxygen under panic, but then as a corollary, you are also exhaling excessive CO2, and this depletes the CO2 reserves. This would result in the inhaled oxygen NOT reaching the body’s cells sufficiently. Why ? Due to depleting CO2 reserves. How ? CO2 is tasked with the role of breaking down the inhaled O2, so the body’s cells may absorb them. So when the CO2 reserves deplete, O2 absorption reduces. Simple!

Infact, over breathing may get counter productive, because the body has something called a ‘defence mechanism’. So when CO2 reserves are dropping, the body alerts the system to constrict the respiratory tract: to prevent the body from breathing too much oxygen. This is a trade off. Constricting the respiratory system causes partial loss of functionality, but saves one from immediate collapse, giving enough time and opportunity for the person to cope up. Oblivious to this wonderful mechanism that Nature has built in, as a gift, Physicians panic and start force feeding oxygen through ventilators or even the patients just resort to mouth breathing or excessive breathing. The body comes back with a vengeance and starts constricting the respiratory tract ever more. This vicious cycle leads the patient into a downward spiral. Finally the CO2 levels drop below an acceptable level to keep life force attached to the body, and the person meets an undesired end.

Supplemental oxygen works to some extent only because the patient feels secure and so he/ she relaxes and that opens up the respiratory system, giving a false conclusion that cell level oxygen improved because of supplemental oxygen.

The reason why natural CO2 is stored in our Lung’s Alveoli sacs is because, when the human body evolved, there was more natural CO2 in Nature. Then due to initial forestation, natural CO2 depleted, so the body adapted to store that much CO2 as required by the body, within our Lung’s Alveoli sacs. But when excessive breathing is resorted to, the CO2 reserves start depleting, which becomes fatal when it goes below 3%. A healthy body maintains a 6% level of CO2. To save a person from killing himself from depletion of CO2 reserve due to excessive exhalation, Nature has built in a defence mechanism in the body, which makes the respiratory system constricted to reduce excessive breathing, even though it causes a temporary partial breathlessness, as a trade-off. But when due to continual fear psychosis and panic, people keep breathing from their mouth or breath excessively, then the partial breathlessness ensues. Forcing the body with supplementary oxygen, acts as further damage, by depleting the CO2 reserves further, resulting in depletion of oxygen absorption by the body’s cells, tissues and muscles.

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