2.2.8 – Vaccines in general have had a doubtful history.

Source: Comment to a post on Highland Post

If one had studied the history of these poisons they call vaccines (I call them quacksins as they are recommended by the original quacks, that is, allopathic doctors), if one had looked into the amount of human death and suffering these poisons have caused over the past many decades, and if one had studied how these poisons are made (it is a disgusting process), then they would understand that all vaccines were meant to destroy womankind and mankind.

The sooner people realize this and put an end to this level of poisoning, the better the chances of our species surviving as the same species.

Anyone who has REALLY studied quacksins even at a superficial level will immediately stop subscribing them to anyone else.

So many who have spoken out over the past few decades have been silenced or killed (two examples – Canadian neurologist Andrew Moulden, PhD. MD 1964-2013 was told to play ball or have the ball taken away. He wouldn’t play ball and they killed him. Merck & Co. Whistleblower Brandy Vaughan was Murdered by Big Pharma as recently as Dec. 2020).

One can see all the lies about vaccines in a website Brandy founded – https://learntherisk.org/vaccines/diseases/. I am urging all humanity to think critically – what do whistlevlowers have to gain? They have everything to lose yet they soldier on (till they are eliminated) for the sake of womankind and mankind and animals.

Urging everyone to look into vaccines at least for a day or two (there are plenty of books and online resources to research this). You will quickly realize the grand humanity-destroying agenda behind them. Here is a great place to get started – Dr. Amandha Vollmer – https://yummy.doctor/video-list/but-polio-say-the-hypnotic-repeaters-of-propaganda/

Source: Comment to a post on Highland Post

Please awaken quickly and learn how the evil ones have worked on us for decades – poisoning us with all kinds of toxins in the air, water, food and novel non-native electro-magnetic radiation, and God knows what else and then offer us solutions in the form of more poisons (read vaccines), all the time using imaginary computer-generated RNA sequences (they call virus) as cover. It is disgusting. It is time for the great awakening.

Please realize that virology is pure junk. It is not even junk science. It has been exposed repeatedly by dozens of doctors around the world, especially in the past 2 years – look up Dr. Sam Bailey, Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Amandha Vollmer, Dr. Barre Lando, Dr. Tom Cowan, Please look up https://whatreallymakesyouill.com (by Dawn Lester and David Parker) to understand the true causes of why our bodies feel the need to detox at times and why we express symptoms.

Please understand that virology is computer-generated spoof and that all vaccines are meant to annihilate our species. Not one is meant to help us or animals. It’s all propaganda and BIG FAT lies.

Even this relatively mild documentary/ movie will horrify you – https://brandnewtube.com/watch/full-movie-vaxxed-from-cover-up-to-catastrophe_J4O3PA4y66LpHKh.html

Please wake up and start awakening others.

Link to History and Pathology of Vaccination a book by Edgar Mark Crookshank and a another book, History and Pathology of Vaccination by Edgar Mark Crookshank with Commentary from Patrick Jordan. Download link below.

All the fun things you never learnt about small-pox by Omar Jordan

Source: Vac Truth


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