2.2.9 – Whether Or Not, Viruses Exist And Are Harmful, Doesn’t Matter For Public Health!

Your Health Is Your Responsibility

Author: Mayank Pincha

When you fall sick, people ask you “How are you feeling?” and not “How are you thinking?”. We are not a logical construct. We are not a device of our own creation. So how did we accept evidence to be sacrosanct for a non-logical construct? There are no “man-made” viruses. If at all, they can be termed as “man-manipulated” viruses. Do we understand all consequences of what we have re-purposed? Why be fearful by default? What if fear i.e. Nocebo effect is causing the COVID-19 symptoms or exacerbating them on top of the existing underlying conditions and novel electro-magnetic frequencies? Why a presumption that viruses found in humans (whether of human or animal origin) are harmful? Why has human health been “monopolistically” entrusted to commercial entities/ professions in the name of expertise such as hospitals, laboratories, doctors, epidemiologists, virologists, scientists (part of patriarchal duties of making a living) from mothers, grannies, yogis, healers, shamans (part of matriarchal duties of nurturing)?

Lets explore multiple theories surrounding viruses, and if those theories were to be true, what would be the best way to deal with our health and well-being in each case, to understand if it makes sense for a layman to delve so much into these debates of whether viruses exist or not, whether they cause harm of not, whether they can cause more harm by manipulation in labs or not, whether coronavirus is a bio-weapon or not?

Mayank Pincha

Opinion 1. Viruses don’t exist (whether natural/ man-manipulated). Terrain is what matters.

If this is true, we can stay healthy by improving our terrain naturally & maintaining our health, wellness and well-being.

Opinion 2. Viruses exist (whether natural/ man-manipulated), but are non-living in nature. They are only micro protein exosomes (i.e. byproducts of the body’s detox process).

If this is true, we can stay healthy by improving our terrain naturally & maintaining our health, wellness and well-being.

Opinion 3. Viruses exist (whether natural/ man-manipulated), are “living” and mutate. However, they are only an associative factor and not a causative factor for incremental sickness.

If this is true, we can stay healthy by improving our terrain naturally & maintaining our health, wellness and well-being.

Opinion 4. Viruses exist (whether natural/ man-manipulated), are living and mutate. They are only one of the causative factors for incremental sickness.

If this is true, we can still stay healthy by improving our terrain naturally & maintaining our health, wellness and well-being. Doing so should not be used against us, labelling us as “vaccine-hesitants”. Vaccines don’t grow on trees. Rather they are a commercial product. “Buyer Beware” applies. Hence, vaccines should not be mandated, as people have the choice to improve their terrain naturally – through other restorative means such as alternative therapies; other therapeutic medicines; natural lifestyle and innate natural immunity.

Public Health officials should be happy about this … after all they claim that they wish to save lives. If saving lives is their goal, should it matter how the lives are saved? Should they be so dogmatic about people using only one solution (i.e. a commercial solution) and gaslight those preferring other solutions (non-commercial or natural). That too, with such impunity, that by itself it makes people wonder what their agendas are, behind pushing only a commercial solution, with high risks, in the name of public health.

Points of introspection for people with this Opinion 4: If you are able to relate to Opinion 4, think about it. If viruses are only one of the many factors of keeping you sick, how significant is the factor? 5-30%, 30-60%, 60-80%, 80-100%? So, where would you stand on this barometer, if we were to further segregate Opinion 4 into these four sub-sets, based on your intuition!) This is for your own inner exploration? How important have you made external factors in your life? Is health not a matter of self-fulfilling prophecy, since we understand that placebo and nocebo effects impact our health!

Opinion 5. Viruses exist, are living and mutate. They are the ONLY causative factor for causing incremental sickness.

Logical fallacy – If this opinion were to be true, it would mean that a person once falling sick from a virus, should NOT be able to heal no matter how much he improves his terrain, without artificially killing the virus.

Burden is on those who propose this theory, to prove it!

Contrarily, if such a person who is supposedly infected by a virus, heals by improving his terrain naturally, and the purported virus is still found inside the body, it will be proven that this virus was not at all a causative factor of incremental sickness.

Alternatively, if such a person who is supposedly infected by a virus, heals by improving his terrain, and the purported virus is not found inside the body anymore, its still not conclusively proven that virus was even ONE of the causative factors of sickness (forget about it being the ONLY causative factor). The reason of its disappearance could be that once the body’s terrain improves, body heals and virus no longer survives in the body and/ or is expelled.

Opinion 6. Viruses exist, are living and mutate. They are one of the causative factors for incremental sickness and the body’s terrain cannot be improved, either due to underlying conditions, lack of discipline to maintain natural and balanced lifestyle, or difficulty in doing so, given the modern day toxic and sedentary lifestyle.

Action Steps: Still no use in giving vaccines, as by definition, vaccines only trigger production of antibodies. Actual production depends upon the body having a basic level of heath, which if it’s not, then it cannot produce sufficient “antibodies”, in any case.

Rather, people switching to a natural lifestyle, have empirically and anecdotally experienced reversal of chronic conditions. The burden is on those who are mandating unhealthy measures in the name of public health, to validate them or disprove these anecdotal experiences. Why should proponents of such natural remedies be hounded by Public Health, when we are working on the same goal of saving lives and helping humanity thrive?


So… from a health stand point, what is the merit of attributing sickness to viruses? If we magically erase all our knowledge of microbes and discontinue all use of commercial medical products including probiotics etc. and just focus on improving/ maintaining terrain (only naturally). If we let our body figure out how it wants to keep us healthy either by detoxifying us or by killing pathogens or by both, would we be taking a significant risk to our health? What is so limiting about what Nature has provided that we have to dwell so deep into understanding germs, at all? Why fix what ain’t broke? Is nature broke? Do we have a problem with death? Is that why all this madness? Why cant it be that when life force wanes, microbes helps decompose the body, which we consider to be pathogenic. So why fight with pathogens, why not just improve the flow of life force, if one is so enthused about continuing his/ her life of this planet! There are ways to enhance the flow of life force i.e. prana naturally!

Whether viruses exist or not, is only of scientific interest! From a Public Health stand point, that admittedly wants to improve people’s chance of survival, what’s the merit in attributing sickness to virus, when its not the ONLY or SIGNIFICANT causative factor to incremental sickness?

Furthermore, if viruses are just ONE of the causative factors, people can improve their terrain naturally and get better.

If people cant improve their terrain, even vaccines can’t help. In any case vaccines are contraindicated for immuno-compromised people, which are the very people Public Health proposed to save. Additionally, Public Health “authorities”, attribute the deaths/ severe adverse events to immuno-compromised people, on the COVID-19 injections.

The question is, why is Public Health so adamantly and persistently desirous to save people with underlying conditions at any cost. Specially when the “costs” include risks of harm from – Corona measures; potential adverse-events following the experimental injections; and accidentally” contaminated injections administered to healthy people. This, despite the global population already being so high, according to the WHO and the global elites funding the WHO.

If they still want to save people with underlying conditions so badly, lets accept for now that there is no solution developed by modern medicine to death, as yet (i.e. even if such a solution can even be considered desirable and/ or feasible).

Is it just a case of older people in power, with fear of death and sickness, gone paranoid? While selfishly compromising health of young and voiceless children! Or is there a deeper global agenda that is being kept under wraps by keeping people in a state of deception using mind control and propaganda?

Are “they” pretending to save vulnerable people from dying, and actually depopulating the planet and enslaving the remaining people, using a series of convoluted arguments and a package of “Health Inappropriate Behaviours” and toxic injections? After all, “they” cant be so stupid to have exaggerated the pandemic to such an extent!


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