2.2.10 – What divides the pro-vaccine and the pro-nature?

Once fully vaccinated stop taking the jabs, they are back to being unvaccinated.

Source : Team, Free Earth Alliance.

We all hear about how mis-understood the pro-nature people are, and how they get called out as being “conspiracy theorists”. Though the so-called “conspiracy theorists” would like to be known as “Truthers” or “Pure-blooded”. But, I would say that even the pro-vaccine people, who are lovingly addressed as the “sheeple“, are also mis-understood by the truthers. What every so-called “sheeple” is shouting from the rooftops, is that – “We don’t want to accept that there is evil on the planet! We want to live a life as “happy go lucky”. We want to be able to rely on the establishment (comprising of people who we believe are for good, because we believe in goodness), even if it means that we run a risk of the conspiracy theories turning out to be true. We rather go down on that belief, so we can stand for a culture of relying on each other, rather than everyone having to deep dive into every conceivable “rabbit hole” out of mistrust. If the conspiracy theories turn out to be true, we rather not be on an evil planet.

So the soul intention that the “sheeple” are reflecting can be summed up as – “I rather be in a planet or a dimension, where I can trust other people, than having to deep dive into every conceivable rabbit hole out of the need to mis-trust other people.” So they are subconsciously telling the establishment that “We trust you, and if you happen to cheat us, its your bad luck and you are not going to have us in this planet, and you have to put up with the remaining conspiracy theorists to deal with, who will not trust you at all. It’s your bad luck. We will find a better planet, where we can trust others, because thats what we are standing, even at a risk of being duped, and taking the risk of believing you.”

So, in my eyes, when unfortunately a “sheeple” suffers a debilitating injury or dies, following immunization, then they are equivalent of a martyr. The truthers should be proud of the “sheeple” that have gone down, because it is on their innocent sacrifice, that the truthers are fighting against the establishment, by quoting their deaths and injuries. Having understood the unspoken mindset of the so-called “sheeple“, let us understand what the “truthers or conspiracy theorists” wish to convey to their loving “sheeple“. Truthers truly want to save the life of the people and the quality of life on the planet. So these are the questions or points that the “truthers/ conspiracy theorists” are lovingly asking the “sheeple” to think about –

1. If you get an injury/ sickness following immunization, how will you decide if its because of the experimental injection (“vaccine”) or not ? Is the process very simple or is it another rabbit hole?

2. How will you report injury/ sickness following immunization ? Is the process 100% hyper-convenient and is it at your finger tips ?

3. How will you know how many people are injured following immunization? Is the output data easily available for analysis by public ?

So Think About It! Are injuries rare or they could be rarely reported? Is injury data easily available for analysis? If its not, then how come we have this perception that injuries are rare? If attributing causation is so difficult when it comes to vaccine injury, how come its so easy when it comes to injury from virus? If so much capital and interest is chasing “attribution to virus”, then why not to simplify “attribution to vaccine”? May be its not possible to comprehend body using a linear model of cause and effect relationship. Moreover, “attribution to vaccine” is not a business with return on capital!!

What if health complications following experimental injections are brushed aside as “anxiety” and medical system does not readily accept it as caused by vaccination, due to other factors like economics, fear of reprisal. Are there no conflicts of interest?

4. Are you under an impression that all experimental injection (“vaccine”) vials are the same? Did you know that COVID-19 vaccines are under experimental trials? Did you know that under experimental trials large numbers of vials could be saline shots? Do you understand that this could be the reason why you may have an impression that injuries are rare. So “Not all the vials are same”. Vaccine Injuries are not rare. They appear rare.

Think Hard: Why replace “natural selection” with “unnatural selection”?

5. Did you know that historically vaccines, only trigger our body to make antibodies. But making antibodies sufficiently, still depends upon possessing a basic level of health. So “vaccine” immunity is nothing but vaccine triggered “natural innate immunity” that produces the antibodies.

6. Did you ever question as to why we need to trigger the body to make antibodies ? As if, lack of sufficient antibodies, is a conclusive evidence of lack of protection! Why may it not mean that, there is “no perceived threat” by the body to produce the antibodies?

7. Even if it’s “vaccine” triggered, how can it be better than the innate natural immunity, when it’s performance itself depends upon the recipient’s innate natural immunity?

8. Did you know that the COVID-19 injections dubbed “vaccines” are contraindicated (i.e. not advisable) for immuno-suppressed people? Did you know that immuno-suppressed people (i.e. those with chronic conditions), are not meant to take these injections and may get severely injured or unfortunately die following immunization ? But wasn’t it all about saving the vulnerable, in the first place ?

9. Did you know that experimental injections dubbed vaccines are not needed for immuno-competent i.e. healthy people. Healthy people can make non-specific antibodies, if they find a microorganism as pathogenic.

10. How do “experts” know that our “vaccine” immunity is waning ? Does the body tell us that immunity is waning, in as many words? Of course not! Simply the disappearance of antibodies is interpreted as “immunity waning”. But this disappearance can also mean that there is “no perceived threat” by the body. Who decides the interpretation of nature’s design?

11. Did you know that injuries are also possible due to receiving contaminated injections?

12. Did you know that, as per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) trials, initial risks of catching COVID, including with mild symptoms, were only to 0.8% of the Indian population? i.e. only to 11.2 million Indians! Did you know that with a recovery rate of 99% in average it could be fatal to only 1,12,000 people (i.e. 1.12 lac people)? Did you know that most of them would be those with underlying conditions and not healthy people?

13. Can you comprehend that with a risk of severe injuries from experimental injections to only a 0.10% of the Indian population can put lives of 1.4 million people at risk in the short term, and many more on a long term basis? As we understand now, that the process of attributing these injuries or sickness to injections faces many challenges including bias of the experimentally injected, towards accepting that they made an error of judgment.

14. Can you fathom that we put lives of 1.4 billion (140 crore) Indians at risk of mental, emotional and physical harm from lockdowns, masks, sanitizers, PCR tests, experimental injections to save 1,12,000 Indians largely with underlying conditions, with an experimental injection that’s officially not advised for such people!

Did it occur to you that risk of deaths from a virus (viruses being non-living) is THEORETICAL. But, harm from lockdowns & injuries from adverse events following injections are REAL. Risks of transmission is THEORETICAL. But harm from masks is REAL. We hurt ourselves REALLY to save others THEORETICALLY. In reality, we all got hurt for no good to anybody.

Fully Conned!

After looking at these questions, do you still think that the risk from coronavirus vs the global official response adds up? Could something be fishy? Is it all doom and gloom? How can you protect your health and that of your loved ones? What can you do? How can you thrive? What are your legal options? Would you be a fringe group of people, if you chose to be awakened and question the official narrative?

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