2.3.4 Gain-of-function Research funded by CDC?

Lab Leak Cover-up: Damning New Fauci Emails Exposed: Russell Brand

The ‘Lab Created Virus’ story is being propagated by sections of Big Pharma just to maintain their profitable premise that a dangerous virus and its variants exist and therefore several kinds of vaccines are required to mitigate them. Due to this, several agencies across the globe are digging for evidence of this devious plot and it keeps people away from the truth, which is – gain of function research to develop a higher jump factor in a microorganism to be used as a bioweapon, does not happen for dead exosomes / viruses.

It can only be done for a living infective organisms such as the Pneumonia bacterium or Tuberculosis bacterium, in which their living environments are gradually made harsher and harsher over the years and this forces the organism to mutate in order to survive and in this process it gains function and becomes more infective, having a higher jump factor, whether from animal to human or human to human. This work would have undoubtedly been done at NIH, USA for 4 years, then transferred to Wuhan Institute of Virology, China where it continued for another 4 years, and all of their hard work would have definitely resulted in creating such infective microorganisms. Such pathogenic organism creation for the purpose of biological warfare has been ongoing in the military factions of several countries over the last 50 years. Yet, the characteristics of such organisms are that they do not survive in the open environment across places and countries over periods of time longer than a couple of months, because they are not in their stable lab created environment. In natural open environments that keep varying, these organisms either die or deregulate themselves and drop their function gained to stabilize at the normal environments. So they get back to their lower infectivity factor once again becoming an ordinary organism incapable of a Pandemic. Such organisms however, can be used for short time interval attacks on people through aerosols in the air conditioning or via contamination of water or food or skin products, and this is what some groups of people across the world have experienced. The people who survived these attacks within 5-6 days, all took high potency antibiotics, once again proving that they killed living harmful microorganisms and not dead viruses.


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