2.4 – “COVID Deaths” & Mortality

Advocate Reiner Fuellmich in Grand Jury.

Emergency Use Authorizations were made based on staged emergencies and a doctored First Wave, to push more lethal drugs (like Remdesivir), untested jabs, and ventilators to create more deaths and label them as COVID-19 deaths based on meaningless RT-PCR tests. Access control to public services such as air and train travel was linked to RT-PCR tests. This led to more tests and hence more cases to justify more lockdowns, creating greater collateral damage and deaths and label them as COVID-19 deaths through the fraudulent RT-PCR test which only identifies genetic material that is part of one’s own body! You may be wondering, if it’s not the virus, then what caused sickness and deaths

COVID-19 is like a simple flu – ILI (Influenza like illness) that a vast majority were able to pass through without any symptoms through their natural immunity, with several preventive approaches to maintain homeostasis and immunity, early COVID treatments which have been suppressed and early treatments available for cure for those with mild or severe symptoms, which is also backed by, a) scientific data, b) anecdotal surveys and c) prominent scientists/ doctors around the world (who have been censured and gagged but who still choose to tell the truth, by taking personal risks). COVID-19 symptoms are nothing but signs of a detox process. Most deaths allegedly caused by COVID-19 have occurred in hospitals where they have used untested, banned & restricted drugs like Remdesivir & Favipiravir and equipment like Ventilators which are not a treatment for respiratory illnesses and have killed people, since the start of the so-called Pandemic.

COVID: If There Is No Virus, Why Are People Dying? – Snooze 2 Awaken

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