2.4.1 The survival rate of “Covid” is over 99%.

Source: Article from Free Earth Alliance

Even if virus and more particularly SARS-CoV-2 virus is considered to exist, its alleged asymptomatic or symptomatic transmission has not been proven, and flies in the face of Koch’s first postulate. Furthermore, even if it has been considered to transmit to others, the disease-causing abilities of viruses have always been justified only through laboratory based correlations (i.e. in-vitro). Even if it had the potential to cause incremental sickness, its alleged association with acute symptoms has been largely reported to be limited to those with underlying conditions. Do you know that 97% COVID-19 positive cases are false positive i.e. asymptomatic aka healthy and that COVID-19’s Infection fatality ratio is lower than 0.3% (with all aberrations of multiple counting of cases per person and mis-attributing deaths to Coronavirus), which makes the clinical consequences of COVID-19 to be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%).


With each passing day we feel vindicated.

This program has done its best to call for calm during the pandemic.

Last year we urged our political leaders to stop ignoring the hidden consequences of lockdowns.

In a bid to keep us safe – people were suffering in other ways.

And we’ve been giving you a regular dose of perspective.

We know COVID-19 is serious.

But it doesn’t warrant the fear campaign we’ve been seeing…

Today – we have further proof…

This isn’t opinion.

It’s certified data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

If you miss it – don’t worry – we have put this up on 2GB.com

And before we start- I just want to be clear.

Every death is tragic.

I don’t mean any disrespect.

But we also know – death is part of life.

So let me tell you what’s happened over the last two years.

From March 2020… until the end of January 2022…

273,901 Australians died.

0.9% had coronavirus.

That’s 2,639 COVID related deaths.

In that same period- ROUGHLY 100,000 Australians died of cancer.

30,000 died from heart disease.

Another 30,000 with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

And 10,000 from Diabetes.

Coronavirus deaths represented less than 1% of fatalities.

These are the latest numbers.

Released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics…

The median age of those who died with coronavirus was 81 for men.

86 for women.

Both… are above our national life expectancy.

Again- let me be clear.

I’m not playing down the situation.

Or ignoring the grief of families.

But these records expose the overblown scare campaign we’ve witnessed.

Of our 2,639 coronavirus deaths between March 2020 and last month…

92% had other underlying health issues.

An average of roughly 3 diseases or conditions per person.

These ranged from pneumonia to kidney infection…

Right up to the biggest risk factor – heart health.

35% of those people had a chronic heart issue.

Another 20 percent had Diabetes.

But in 92% of our Covid deaths to January 31… each patient had roughly 3 other underlying health conditions.

In other words… it wasn’t just Covid that claimed their lives…

And deaths not involving Covid… make up more than 99% of the statistics..

One of the arguments we made last year involved a missed opportunity around the ‘health advice”.

Why weren’t we telling people to ‘get healthy’,..

Why weren’t we warning people…. That one of the biggest risk factors – is carrying too much weight…

Were we worried about fat shaming ?

Because every day we were being told about the ‘health advice’…

But the biggest health advice should have been – the healthier you are… the greater your chance of surviving Covid.

There is now compelling international data that supports this.

A new study in medical magazine The Lancet shows by far the biggest risk factor of COVID-19… is obesity.

Largely because, an obese patient has poor lung capacity- making it harder for them to receive ventilation.

The US has nearly the heaviest Body Mass Index in the world.

They now have nearly a million coronavirus deaths – 920,000.

16 of their States have adult obese rates of more than 35 percent.

Those States… are all in the top 20 places for COVID deaths anywhere.

The Lancet study says if America’s obesity levels were on par with healthier nations… the death toll would be far lower.

Almost 20 percent of deaths could have been avoided.

That equates to… to almost 200,000 lives.

What a missed opportunity.

We were hell bent on telling people to ‘stay home’…

When we should have been encouraging people to get outdoors and get healthy…

And now the consequences are there for all to see.

Thankfully, we gave airtime to several experts who gave this common sense advice…

If you’re overweight or smoking – you’re putting yourself in greater danger..

And you’re more likely to be in the 1% of Australians who died with coronavirus.

That’s right…. 1%.

If you need any further evidence that it’s time to ‘get on with our lives’.. you just heard it….

Note from FEA: Corona virus is not yet isolated and purified and hence there is no evidence of its existence, pathogenicity and contagiousness. Symptoms doesn’t mean infection. To establish that any symptom is caused by a virus, it has to be established as per Koch’s Postulates, which has not been done yet. While there is plenty of material co-relating COVID-19 symptoms with EMF.

30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet by Kit Knightly

Government medical experts went out of their way to underline, from the beginning of the pandemic, that the vast majority of the population are not in any danger from Covid. Almost all studies on the infection-fatality ratio (IFR) of Covid have returned results between 0.04% and 0.5%. Meaning Covid’s survival rate is at least 99.5%.

In this clip from the Downing Street Corona Briefing on May 11th, Chris Whitty – the UK’s Chief Medical Officer – says that, to most people, the coronavirus is entirely harmless. UK Gov’t confirms Covid19 harmless to VAST MAJORITY of people

Source: No Jab For Me by Paul Adams

The CDC admits 99% of Covid-19 hospitalizations between March/20 and March/21 had at least one pre-existing condition.

Total Deaths: 80,174

With 1 or more Precondition: 79,434 (99%)
With 2-5 Preconditions – 25,893 (32%)
With 6-10 Preconditions – 31,310 (39%)
With over 10 Preconditions – 20,144 (25%)
With 0 Preconditions – 740 (0.9%)

And we shut the economy down and are mandating jabs because 0.9% of those who contracted Covid died. Would they have also died if they contracted influenza or the common cold? Were they smokers, obese, sedentary, on drugs, vitamin or mineral deprived? What therapeutics were not used that could have prevented their death as outpatients? Why isn’t the media reporting this?

The Israeli National News puts that figure at 99%. A snapshot. Here’s is a chart of Deaths in Israel following the booster shot. These Critical Facts MUST be discussed with the public for Informed Consent to set in, but they are not. Even the prestigious NIH confirms, unequivocally, that:

A. “Patient comprehension is a critical part of meeting medical ethics standards of informed consent in study designs”, and

B. “COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies may sensitize vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.”, and

“that vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralizing antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials.” Note: The above study was conducted in March 2021.

As at March 19/21, even with the doctored death numbers and flawed PCR tests, the CDC arrived at the following survival rates:

Ages 0-17 > 99.998%
Ages 18-49 > 99.95%
Ages 50-64 > 99.4%
Ages 65+ > 91%

On Nov. 24/20, the Office of the Chief Medical Officer, CDC Covid-19 Response submitted this report, which emphasizes high survival rates around the globe are a function of age. The younger fare better than the older.

NBC came up with similar numbers

Formed CDC Director, Robert Redfield, in a New England Journal of Medicine article, stated on March 26, 2020:

“If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.”

Infection Survival Rate of Covid-19 – Stanford University Study

By all historical notions of pandemic fatalities, there was no pandemic in 2020-21. The average % risk of death in any one year for the 70+ is not too dissimilar even without this alleged respiratory virus.


Drs Ioannidis & Axfors at Stanford

Age Infection Survival Rate

0-19 99.9973%

20-29 99.986%

30-39 99.969%

40-49 99.918%

50-59 99.73%

60-69 99.41%

70+ 97.6% (not in care homes or hospitals)

70+ 94.5% (all)

This is data taken from 2020 when most doctors did not know or implement adequate treatments.

With treatments and honest numbers these numbers would be much higher. This is a worst case scenario infection survival rate.


Basic Maths regarding children and COVID, from Dr Clare Craig:

Some basic maths regarding children and COVID:

If 0.0013% die with COVID when infected then out of 76,923 infected kids, one will die. If you need to vaccinate 200 kids to prevent one infection then you need to “vaccinate” 200*76,923 = 15,384,615 to prevent one covid death.

Omicron is allegedly ⅓ as lethal in kids as delta. Therefore, that number becomes 46,153,846 need to be “vaccinated” to prevent one COVID death.

Therefore, if more than 1 kid in 46M dies from “vaccination”, then you have net negative mortality.

References: https://twitter.com/ClareCraigPath/status/1495017738330382347?s=20&t=n9gSRCUs4_VezyFbGHtfjA

Annual Deaths Among Children in the United States – CDC

“The medical establishment will lose the ounce of credibility they still have left when they are willing to risk the long term reproductive, cardiovascular, and neurological health of an entire generation of children due to a virus that has a < 0.0027% IFR for that age group.”

With a 99.997% recovery rate, we have to ask ourselves, WHY IS THIS SO CALLED “VACCINE” BEING PUSHED LIKE THIS IS THE BLACK PLAGUE OR SOMETHING ‼️?

Source: Bhaskaran Raman

For age 5-25 years: COVID-19 risks are *10x less* than suicide. Why shut schools and colleges? What about Mental Health & Education? Happy 2022, Happy for Kids too. Almost Nil risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 in children.

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