2.4.10 So what is really making us sick?

What makes three out of four people sick in a family together? What about sexually transmitted diseases? How can these be explained if its not through contagion?

All illness is toxification. All symptoms are detoxification. The biggest scam in history is we catch and spread disease (dis … ease).

Infact, others detoxing can stimulate our detox process, if we too have a build up. This happens like in a group of females living together, when all end up on the same cycle.

If its not a virus, then what makes me sick?

The Actual Cause of Covid Symptoms and Sickness

Source: The Truth of the Scamdemic by Awaken India Movement

So what is causing the symptoms of dry cough, fever, body pain, extreme fatigue, loss of taste & smell, diarrhoea, breathlessness, frequent urination, mucus secretion from the eyes, etc.? Everyone gets the flu once or twice a year when the seasons change and they know it gives them fever, body ache, fatigue, cough & cold, loss of taste & smell, etc. for 5-6 days.

This is simply the human body going through a rebalancing & detoxification phase to rebalance its internal environment to match the sudden external environment change of the season and in this process the body expels exosomes (protein debris as a by-product of cellular repair) wrongly labelled by doctors and virologists and medical institutions as viruses that damage the human body.

Antiviral drug manufacturers support this storyline, so that they can manufacture antiviral medications to increase their business. Every experienced and honest doctor has said this over the last few decades – there is nothing you can do about the seasonal flu. No antibiotic and no antiviral can help. Just rest at home, hydrate yourself, take minerals & supplements and eat light food and you will be fine, and we all know this to be absolutely true. The important point to note here is that you cannot avoid the seasonal flu that happens when our external environment changes, and no medication whatsoever is required to heal from it.

Exploring possible connections between Covid-19 and 5G by Free Earth Alliance

What Is Making People Sick? – Dr. Sam Bailey


“I’ve been listening to your requests and although MANY of you realise that “Covid” is a scam, the question still gets asked: What Is Making People Sick?
Here is my 16 minutes worth.
Obviously, I can’t cover everything, but I’ve tried to summarise things in a cheeky way. Let me know in the comments what you think!” – Dr. Sam Bailey

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