2.4.11 The Real Culprit: Toxic Frequencies in our Environment 


Every time the Telecom MHz / GHz went up on this planet, whether it was during the onset of Radio, Sonar or during the 2G or 3G or 4G telecom revolution, the Biosphere (the magnetic, electric & ionic fields around the Earth) has undergone a higher shift. This is a permanent change in our external environment, which forces all human bodies on this planet to go through a process of intense cellular recalibration and cellular repair, followed immediately by the expulsion of cellular debris as part of the healing process, which takes the form of cellular protein excretions (exosomes).

This results in a large number of people getting the typical symptoms of fever, body aches, cough & cold, sore throats, fatigue, etc. When the rollout of a new G Wave system is made to coincide with a seasonal change, an even higher number of people get the symptoms to an even higher degree, and this is the time when the pharmaceutical industry and its associated scientists project a ‘Pandemic’ onto the world, just to help sell more antivirals and vaccines. Each time this happens, they show the world the picture of a new exosome that the body creates, specific to the nature of the G Wave radiation damage and cellular repair, but they call it a virus and give it a new name.

What harmless protein the human body creates to protect itself, Big Pharma labels as the villain they need to fight, so that they can make a business out of protecting us from it, when this is not required at all. But now, due to the dense high frequency 5G radiations that are changing the biosphere all over the planet with every new 5G mast that goes up, its radiation damage to the human body is forcing people into a 14- 21 days sickness and detoxification cycle. It is such a deep detox that very weak immunity people cannot survive it. Autoimmune condition people or people with chronic illnesses who are on allopathic medicines (comorbid cases), are the weakest group of people to handle this long detox because their immune systems have been compromised with allopathic medicines.

The constant 5G field presence is causing chronic low level inflammation in the lung tissues, digestive tract tissues and blood flow system, killing the weakest people first. The next high risk group are people over 70 years old because they commonly have weak lungs, hearts, livers and digestive systems. The people who survive this phase develop enhanced DNA that can now adjust to the permanent 5G field. It is a similar process to that which happened when 3G and then 4G was installed all around this planet, but these installations caused just a 5-6 days sickness that most people survived.

No doctor, no biologist, no virologist and no scientist on the planet has explained till date, how viruses now suddenly give us a 14-21 day sickness and in some cases a ‘Cytokine Storm’ causing death, instead of a 5- 6 day flu they used to give us till just 2 yrs back. What has changed so dramatically in the DNA and behaviour of the Novel Coronavirus to produce a result 300% harsher than its predecessors?

All the pictures of the ‘Novel Coronavirus’ look similar to previous corona viruses (exosomes) excreted by the human body. The deep 14-21 day severely sick conditions being experienced by people are the characteristic of 5G radiation, because nothing else has dramatically changed on this planet in terms of its environment in the last 2 years, except the progressive worldwide rollout of 5G that is in progress. In India, telecom providers were already receiving 5G at their receiving stations in November 2019, which they supplied to their clients via fibre optics as Faster 4G Cabled Internet.

It should therefore, be completely stopped before more weak people across the world die. 5G was never the need of any citizen in any country, since 4G or even 3G was meeting the needs of people. 5G is just another new business being forced upon consumers for higher profits of Telecom Companies and Equipment Manufacturers to implement a 24 hours video surveillance system mounted on 5G poles at close proximity, by Governments to monitor, control and suppress people, without any permission for this from the citizens themselves.

Governments are formed by the people and to serve the people’s needs and not to dominate and monitor and control and suppress people. The continuous radiation from 5G towers and satellites in the sky is causing inflammation in the tissues of the lungs, intestines and other organs of the human body. When this happens, the human body perceives a microbial pathogen attack and increases the body temperature to kill the pathogen and this results in fever and the other Covid symptoms of body ache, loss of taste and smell and fatigue. It takes the human body 7-14 days on average to fight this and upgrade its DNA and energy body to adapt to this new 5G radiation.


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