2.4.12 The Repercussions of Frequency Poisoning 


During this time, if a person has parasites within their body like the Pneumonia or Tuberculosis bacteria, they begin to multiply rapidly since cellular immunity has been compromised and weakened. This results in rapid full blown pneumonia or other pathogen multiplication causing the ‘Cytokine Storm’ which has killed people across the globe over the last year. If antiparasitic drugs like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are started in the first 2-3 days of such infections, the parasites get killed and the Cytokine Storm is averted and the person survives.

This is why we have thousands of testimonies across the world of Ivermectin saving lives. It is because over 50% of the population has some parasite or the other in their body, but these parasites are normally kept in check and do no harm in a healthy body with good immunity / terrain. But in some cases, where the person does not have much parasitic load, but they are on allopathic medicines for autoimmune conditions or chronic illnesses like diabetes, high bp, cholesterol, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid, etc., there have been cross reactions between emergency drugs like Remdesvir and Midazolam, making patients further immune compromised, leading to a rapid deterioration of the lungs and oxygen absorption, which lands a person into the ICU and on the ventilator, killing millions across the globe.

The claims of new virus variants around the globe are nothing but different sickness symptoms that people’s bodies respond with when subjected to varying 5G frequencies. Killing microorganisms with small electric frequency machines such as ‘electronic zappers’ and killing human cells with electromagnetic radiation as used in cancer treatment, is a 50 year old science and nothing new for scientists, but the common man is completely shocked to know that these technologies are now being used by Big Pharma with the help of Big Tech, to sicken people for the benefit of Big Pharma business.

At the 3G level which afforded quite ample connectivity, there were increasing reports every year of serious blood clots, brain tumours and deaths of infants who were too close to routers. 4G brought with it increased infertility as it disturbs the water in our bodies and has the effect of weakening the outer coating of a human egg, sometimes allowing two sperms to enter. This has caused deformed children, sometimes with two sexual organs, but overall, a decrease in human fertility.


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