2.4.13 What are Doctor’s Missing? 


Doctors are purposely not taught the very important science of Magneto biology, the science of how electromagnetic frequencies affect the body. So they have no clue that many of the symptoms that people are experiencing are actually symptoms of 5G poisoning in the interstitium (the space between our cells) coming from satellites and lumes (balloons which hover high up with 5G technology which are used to cover rural areas).

One poignant example of this phenomenon is the millions of birds that died last year. Thousands of birds died in Australia simply falling out of the sky. Birds went crazy at a parking lot in Dubai where a 5G tower had been put up. In Japan when hundreds of birds dropped out of the sky in Tokyo, a veterinarian took three dead birds to his lab and did their autopsies. He discovered they all had ruptured lung cells, the symptoms of human and feline corona virus which he claimed is absolutely impossible for birds to get. Birds have a faster metabolism than humans so it is understandable how they died so quickly.

Meanwhile, the Davos Group behind the World Economic Forum has focused on using frequencies to kill Humanity. This started in 1918 with the so-called Spanish flu. It actually started in Kansas in the U.S. where American soldiers were given some vaccine and sent into the trenches in Europe in WWI. At the same time, radio frequencies were introduced for the first time on Earth. Human bodies were bombarded with this new frequency and millions died. In the 1940s another radar frequency was introduced and another pandemic occurred. In the late sixties the Hong Kong flu followed along with another new frequency. Thousands died but no pandemic was declared. And so it went on with HIV, Bird Flu, Sars-Cov-2, etc. When 5G is operated at 60 GigaHertz; it disrupts the haemoglobin in our blood’s ability to transfer oxygen from our lungs into our cells.

This is exactly what caused most of the breathlessness last year for people with false positives, having symptoms of a disease. With 5G, it is not that people are not getting enough oxygen into their lungs; it is just that the oxygen doesn’t go further into their cells, thus causing severe breathlessness. Almost every person in one hospital in New York who had these symptoms died last year when they put them on ventilators which stressed their lungs which were not the problem. The one person who survived had the gut reaction to pull the ventilator out.

Several brave nurses and doctors exposed this travesty, but were quickly censored. In the same way, millions of Chinese likely died, millions of birds also died in the southwestern U.S. last year, as did many birds in Kerala. Ignorant biologists thought they had “bird flu” which might endanger humans, so they killed off more of the unfortunate birds in Kerala.

The key places where “Covid” hit worst last year such as Italy and New York, had already installed 5G. This includes Wuhan where Ben Fulford, the ex-editor of Forbes magazine shared a CIA report which mentioned there was a huge array of 5G receivers which were turned on just after vaccinating the population with flu shots which were loaded with aluminium dioxide turning their bodies into antennas to receive an unprecedented blast of the 5G frequency from space satellites. The next day there were two huge bonfires seen from satellites near Wuhan with the chemical signatures of burning human bodies. It seems 21 million people near Wuhan simply disappeared off of their cell phones that day. Similar damage from 5G towers in India Dubey from Jafrabad Village in India claimed that 32 people from his village suddenly died, including his wife. Most of them were between forty and fifty years old. When the villagers started suspecting 5G and enquired with authorities, they came to know that a 5G tower had been installed in their village in the last twenty days. They were completely unaware of the installation. The villagers said that deaths were taking place only in their village. None of the neighbouring villages were affected. They are emphatic that it is not related to Corona, because since the Corona issue came up last year, for one year, the villagers didn’t notice any unusual deaths happening. They warned the authorities to take down the tower within two days or they would burn it down. They are demanding that the 4G tower be reinstalled. For more details on the damages of 5G to the human body, please refer to our document ‘Scientific Evidence of the Plandemic’ on Awaken India Movement’s website.

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