2.4.14 Comorbid people are a large Percentage of the population dying now 


Comorbid people are people who take allopathic pills to manage chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high bp, low bp, cholesterol, thyroid, arthritis, obesity, acidity, fatty liver, gout, constipation, migraine, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, asthma, sinusitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, hormonal imbalance, infertility, backache, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, etc.

In the 1920’s a group of businessmen lead by John D Rockefeller, decided to make a business of health by promoting and creating allopathic medicines to tackle the chronic illnesses of the time such as acidity, headaches, digestive disorders, body aches & pains, cough & cold, immune system disorders, etc. But their first problem was how to get people to leave their traditional natural medicine systems such as naturopathy, healthy diet, herbal detox, herbal medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, yoga, breath work, meditation, bodywork, sound, music & dance therapy, essential oil therapy, energy healing etc. so they would buy allopathic pills instead?

So they designed cheap chemical pills that could be popped anytime of the day to suppress sickness symptoms, so people got a convenient escape from their slower acting traditional medicine systems. Ease of using the pills was the main carrot people fell for, as they do today as well. Unfortunately, people did not have the sense to realize that the pills were not curing any of their illnesses permanently, but only making their sickness symptoms go away. If a person stopped taking the pills, the illnesses would come back again and so the person was forced to buy their pills again and again. This ensured the continuous and ever increasing revenue for the medicine manufacturers as the populations grew. Besides that, many of their medicines caused side effects over longer periods of usage and new organ dysfunctions or damages or new illnesses would crop up from their use that needed further medication, and therefore any person who was surviving on their allopathic medicine system would end up using at least 3- 4 of their medicine pills over time.

So unwisely, people chose to pop more pills and gave them money each time for adding further toxic suppressants to the body’s now immune compromised system. In this process, The Rockefellers and their ilk, became very rich over the last 100 years – the trillion dollar pharma industry of today, which has earned the name ‘Big Pharma Mafia’ because of the unscrupulous way in which they made their business across the world grow, constantly blocking competition from natural medicine systems and defaming them as well, with the help of their money and power. Till the turn of the 20th century, medical practice was equally divided between allopaths (also known as doctors, who used chemical drugs & surgery to alleviate sickly conditions) and homoeopaths / naturopaths (also known as empirics, who healed holistically by simulating natural immune response for healing).

During the early 1900s competition between the two groups was very stiff, and to build a lobbying body, doctors (allopaths) combined to form the AMA (American Medical Association) in the USA. At this point of time some new medical methods were discovered which included petroleum based synthetic pharmaceutical drugs which would be extremely profitable to John D Rockefeller, owner of the Standard Oil Company, the world’s largest petroleum manufacturer. Realising the lucrative nature of allopathic medicine, Rockefeller, combined with industrialist Andrew Carnegie, and financier J.P Morgan, invested huge sums of money to finance and fund research exclusively in allopathic medicine, and funded the setting up of allopathy based medical schools in all major US universities (in particular the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, Johns Hopkins University & Carnegie Mellon University etc. which have been very active in manufacturing the bogus narrative of this Plandemic), in order to win university academia over to allopathy.

This step was also crucial towards creating an assembly line of university educated doctors who only practised, researched, and recommended allopathic techniques and completely rejected any other approaches to medicine. Rockefeller also activated the bought and paid for media houses (which the industrialists essentially controlled) to influence public opinion against anything but allopathy, to the extent that Rockefeller even lobbied the US Congress to officially designate homoeopathy & naturopathy is quackery. Within the span of a couple of decades homoeopathy & naturopathy were completely crushed and marginalised, and have since been completely overwhelmed by the general public’s addiction to toxic pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines; an addiction which the corrupt pharma industry, setup by Rockefeller and his industrialist cronies, has been all too happy to serve. A curious point to note that that John D Rockefeller himself only always consulted a homoeopathic doctor for all his health issues right up to his death!

As the number of natural medicine practitioners and teachers across the globe started growing over the last 40 years in reaction to the sharp rise in iatrogenic (physician caused) disease, people started to heal once again from of chronic illnesses with the help of naturopathy, diet & nutrition, herbal detox, herbal medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, yoga, pranayam, breath work, mudras, meditation, bodywork, sound, music & dance therapy, essential oil therapy, energy healing etc. and perhaps over 100,000 natural medicine practitioners across the globe have helped over 100 million people cure their various chronic illnesses with natural medicine and helped them live medicine free lives.

This proved that those allopathic medicines were never needed in the first place. We may know many such people in our circle of family and friends who have done this, so we know this is a matter of fact. To this day, allopathic medicines do not cure chronic illnesses and the majority of people in the world have not yet realised that they have been deceived for the last 120 years. Such is the calibre of the modern man, who has no clue of the even deeper and larger deception by Big Pharma and its associates, like the CDC and WHO that have manufactured this Plandemic and its unnecessary vaccines. It may take the common man another 100 years to figure what is going on now, but unfortunately this time it includes a depopulation plan as well, so he may not even be around to experience his late realisation.

Countless allopathic medicines have been banned over the decades because they cause organ damage and make the human body more sick and dysfunctional over time instead of repairing it. With millions of people switching to natural medicine over the years, the amount of allopathic medicines being bought worldwide over the last 20 years has dropped drastically and this has seriously damaged the incomes and businesses of all pharma companies across the world.

Due to their mounting losses, some of the big pharma giants who mainly control this global business have formulated a new model of permanent income to sustain themselves, and this new model of business is vaccines. Just because the incomes from child vaccinations are not enough for them to remain profitable and to meet their business expansion plans, adults are now being targeted by making vaccines the solution for new viruses that do not really exist.


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