2.4.16 People getting fear from media & taking the COVID injection while Thousands of Doctors protesting against it worldwide?


(In India: Indian Doctors For Truth, and internationally, The International Doctors Alliance with over 10,000 members!) 

Over the last 65 years, the different pharma companies have paid out literally billions of dollars to the families of vaccine damaged and killed victims in numerous courts and countries, so they clearly do not have a benevolent motivation. No more died in 2020 from “Covid” worldwide than from the flu in any given year, but at no time has there been the sheer number of side effects and deaths as in the past few months, which graphs worldwide for each country, show clearly begin with the roll out dates for the improperly labelled “vaccinations”. This is comparable to the results of animal tests in which all the test subjects eventually died. 

For 20 years researchers have done extensive animal trials on this same experimental mRNA vaccine. In all cases 80% of the animals suffered immediate adverse events and 1% died immediately. Within five to six months, all the animals died. Because of this, all trials were discontinued permanently. So why give it to our children now? 

In the U.S., which started injecting these vaccines at least six to eight weeks before India, the statistics were the same as with the animal trials with the first three million Americans who took the jab: 80% had immediate adverse reactions and 1% or just over 3,000 people died immediately. Now over one third of Americans, who have not been properly informed by the mainstream media, or 130 million people have taken the jab and thousands of accounts of severe side effects are pouring into social media sites, of both the vaccinated, and more importantly, of unvaccinated family members and co-workers who are forced to be in close range of the vaccinated. 30,000 unvaccinated women responded with their own accounts of having double periods, post- menopausal women bleeding excessively, pregnant women having miscarriages, men with swollen testicles and generally unvaccinated spouses of the vaccinated suffering from excessive blood clots, dizziness, fainting, headaches, fever, severe bruising and numerous variations of pulmonary disorders due to the toxic transmissions coming from their vaccinated spouse. We can thus assume if we compare with the 20 years of animal tests: 104 million people in the U.S. (80%) of these have had immediate adverse events and 1.3 million (1%) died immediately. 

Recently on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, tribals at a large Panchayat gathering of many villages were told they should take the Covid “vaccination”. Sceptical, they declared only if the Sarpanches took it, would they consider it. The Sarpanches agreed, but unfortunately several died the same day and the rest died within 8 days leaving all 21 dead along with 28 other villagers. 

Not far away in Madhya Pradesh in a different situation, three villages of tribals who were starving due to the fact that they couldn’t purchase food this year for the dry season (because last year’s lockdown prevented them from trading goods to purchase the needed surplus food), caused them to call on the government for help. The government responded, “If they agreed to take the “vaccination”, each would receive a 50 kg bag of food”. Only five were willing to take the jab in desperation for their starving children. Most likely, due to their lack of exposure to such injectable filth, all five died within one week.


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