2.4.17 Factors weakening people’s immune system.

14. Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF)

Surrounding ourselves chronically with electromagnetic fields* via the excessive use of laptops, mobile phones, and wireless and bluetooth networks, damage the human body’s energy fields originating from the chakras within our body. When these energy fields are damaged, associated organs get weaker and they begin to malfunction and overall body immunity suffers. There have been viral epidemics across this planet at each instance of increased electrification of the Biosphere of the Earth, right from the time of the radio and then onto sonar, satellite TV, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and now the much more harmful 5G radiations that are causing a very serious degree of lung inflammation, blood thickening and body detox effects that many people across the world are not able to survive. The expulsion of viral protein matter from the human body is not something new. Ever since the first living organism on this planet went through a sickness and repair cycle, viral protein called Exosomes or viruses have been shed from the body as a natural byproduct of the repair cycle, just like how you have a dried scab fall off a wound on your foot after its healing is complete. Therefore, we should roll back to 3G networks, which cause us much less damage, and because it catered to our internet needs completely. We should also replace all wireless and bluetooth networks in our homes with cabled internet and give up using mobile phones all the time, and instead use a cabled IP phone with apps like Skype or GTalk to make audio / video calls to people across the globe. These kinds of EMF damages could take up to 10% of the human energy flow and immune system resources to counter its activity on a daily basis. The 5G satellites around the Earth electrifying its biosphere and damaging the magnetic fields of the planet, are also part of the electromagnetic damage that not only human beings are receiving, but also plants and animals, as well as bugs, bees & birds that are dropping dead from the sky.

10 Indoor Plants That Absorb EMF Radiation

Source: https://emfprotectioncare.com/plants-absorb-emf/

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  1. Mayank Pincha says:

    Vaccinations, Chemical Fertilisers (needs highlighting), Detergents, Synthetic Products (Synthetic Housing/ Building Materials, Synthetic Textiles, Plastic Products, Fossil Fuels & its derivative products), Cosmetic Products may come under Toxic Products, Fluoridation of Water

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