2.8 – Virus Culture Test – “The Gold Standard?”

The Final refutal of Virology, narrated by Heather Bruno

Source: The Truth of The Scamdemic by Awaken India Movement

So-called ‘Viral Culture Test’ – The Gold Standard – Really?

A routine bacterial / fungus / yeast culture test is where extracts from sample mediums like stools, urine, blood, saliva, nasal mucosa are taken from an “infected” person and placed it in a growth culture, where the organism count multiplies on its own to be clearly identified under a microscope. It is another matter that these germs are actually made by the body for repair and maintenance, for scavenging dead and dying tissue, and are actually not the cause of dead and dying tissue.

Anyway, the above process is not followed for viruses in a “Viral Culture Test”. Instead, virologists claim that they isolate the virus and inject it into living cell lines in a laboratory along with adjuvants (chemicals that cause cellular toxicity) to create cellular damage and this process is what facilitates multiplication of viruses. 

But since virologists state that the virus enters our cells on its own and then multiplies in them causing cell damage and then goes to infect other cells, thus, if it were truly a virus that was injected into the cell lines in the lab, it should have used up the cell lines matter to multiply, causing cell damage and then cell death, further moving into other cells to repeat the process, all on its own, without the help of any adjuvants ( toxic ingredients in the vaccines such as aluminium hydroxide).

This damaging reaction does not happen when vaccine adjuvants are absent, proving that either the virus is not present to multiply and cause cell damage, or that the viral protein matter exists, but it does not do any harm to the cells. 

The starving of cell lines (via minimal essential medium) and the addition of vaccine adjuvants (toxic chemicals) into them is actually a scientific malpractice that causes toxic cellular damage. This is followed by cellular repair that expels protein matter called ‘exosomes’ (extracellular vesicles) which are a natural byproduct of cellular repair. The problem is such exosomes from cells are photographed by high powered microscopes and wrongly labelled as viruses. We all understand basic biology that no wound heals without a waste byproduct. A brown scab that gets formed on an external wound of the body is a similar protein secretion of the body and it is a by-product of the healing process. When the wound heals completely, the scab falls off. Then it has no life of its own to move around, multiply or infect anything or anyone, because it is just a bunch of dead exosomes. 

To further drive the point home: German biologist Stefan Lanka proved through experiments that the same cytopathic effects (toxic cell death) are observed in cell lines in the laboratory with just the addition of adjuvants, (without the removal of nutrients), and without the addition of an isolated virus or viral fragments. It proves the fact that adjuvants are solely responsible for the damage of cells, which cause the expulsion of protein debris (exosomes) from the cell in its attempted healing process. It is this protein debris which is expelled by the body while undergoing the healing process, which they are calling a “virus”. Thus the diseases of the body they have attributed to viruses for close to a century are only the natural expulsion of protein debris fraudulently called as viruses by them just to sell their profitable storyline that this damaging “organism” causes illnesses which needs to be mitigated via a vaccine! 

The infamous Louis Pasteur propagated a lie through his ‘Germ Theory’ that there is one germ for every “disease” just to help Big Pharma’s business of formulating a plethora of medicines to combat these germs. The truth is, as Pasteur finally admitted on his deathbed, “It is not the germ itself, but the environment of the germ, which contributes the most to the causation of disease.”

Awaken India Movement (AIM) has always been curious to know why virologists don’t perform true control experiments to prove that viruses actually exist and are pathogenic. We believe that all the cytopathic effects (CPE) are caused by the starving and poisoning of cells and has nothing to do with the sample used (diseased, healthy, or indeed NO SAMPLE). In this regard, AIM has challenged virologists anywhere in the world to take up two control challenges that are available.

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