2.1.15 – We All Suffered ‘Really’ To Protect All ‘Theoretically’!

Author: Mayank Pincha

Under the guise of a fake pandemic, ridiculous measures have been put in place to further frighten people, stop them from interacting, isolate them, and break them down physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Every one of the measures such as masking, sanitizing, and distancing is extremely detrimental to health, but the hypnotised masses were led to believe the exact opposite.

We accepted our own real suffering from corona measures in order to theoretically protect others. We accepted this argument and became heros. Finally nobody got protected and we all got hurt. We have no one to blame but to learn from the experience.

A peculiar aspect of this so-called Pandemic has been this convoluted argument that we need to accept inconvenience of lockdowns, corona protocols, and experimental injections in order to save others. That these measures actually save others is all based on very flimsy grounds, are conjectures based on statistical models (that are used to create a false pretence problem), are mere opinions peddled as facts, with enough material to debunk such claims. On the other hand, people’s perception of self-inflicted harm to themselves is very real. In this world of over use of logic, we have ignored our sense perception and feelings and subjected ourselves to harm, injury and inconvenience for no real benefit to others. When someone falls sick, we ask them how they feel, and not how they think.

We need to understand that we are One Consciousness, and we have collectively subjected ourselves to harm based on this convoluted logic. Our goodness, benevolence, and innocence have been used against ourselves. So many of us subjecting ourselves to harm and injury across the planet have collectively hurt ourselves very severely. Some people hold this experience as worse than World War II, where this time humans willingly subjected themselves to wearing masks, akin to willingly subjecting oneself to a gas chamber. Those who did not, were blamed by those who did, based on the brainwashing done by media, governments, officials and injection manufacturers. We have no one to blame, but to learn from this experience.

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