2.1.16 – Recent Developments in India & Globally

Recent Developments around the fake COVID-19 narrative

Shenanigans in the name of COVID-19 started in January 2020. Refer to this link to view the official timeline of COVID-19. Or skip below for the main content. We are writing to you on this backdrop of the official timeline and on the following –

1. Media narrative about Omicron & Third Wave in India,
2. The lockdown and mandatory orders from State Governments in India,
3. The MoHFW guidelines on “opening” experimental injections for children 15-18 yrs. in India,
4. the DCGI approval of the experimental injection “Covaxin” for kids above 12 yrs, in India, and
5. News about India being close to the introduction of the mRNA based injections.

In contrast, please note that South Africa, the nation that was called out for the origination of Omicron, withdrew – contact tracing, quarantine, isolation of asymptomatic people and testing without symptoms. Director General Health of South Africa says that containment strategies are no longer appropriate and mitigation is the only viable solution and that the proportion of people with some immunity from infection and/or vaccination is high.

Later forced to withdraw it, claiming based on pressure from media (?), stakeholders (?) and public enquiries.

Many experts from around the world have called Omicron, a blessing in disguise stating that Omicron being a mild virus is the vaccine, the vaccine companies could NOT make.

Also, the matter of vaccine mandates and coercion is being considered in the Indian Courts, and hence sub-judiced. Recently there has been a judgement in Supreme Court stating that vaccines cannot be administered through coercion, without the free will of the concerned person. [citation needed]. Here is a Letter to Schools, from the Indian Bar Association and from Bisani Legal [citation needed] with the Legal Position on Informed Consent to fix liability on school authorities and/or principals, who are violating the law and forcing the children to take experimental COVID-19 injections dubbed “vaccines” thereby putting the lives of children in danger. Hence, people should exercise caution and not participate in experimental clinical trials especially for children who are not at risk of the alleged coronavirus. Here is a list of ingredients in the Indian COVID-19 injections and ingredients in vaccines in general. Also, people need to know that COVISHIELD (manufactured with Astra Zeneca) is banned in at least 16 countries although there is a possibility that GoI had better control over their process with their manufacturing being in India and COVAXIN projected as “Swadeshi” vaccine has received grants from BMGF (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), which has a controversial vaccine history with India and allegedly having a sinister role in the COVID-19 hoax. Here is an article with a possible interpretation about slow genocide in India, just for an alternative view.

Covid-19 Narrative is crumbling
Fox News exposing the lies of COVID.


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