2.1.18 – Ayurveda vs Allopathy

We have to be mindful about drawing aspects from Ayurveda and extrapolating them into Allopathy based Germ Theory.

In Ayurveda, medicine is not a Plan A, its a Plan B. Plan A is natural lifestyle which means Ayurveda gives more importance to Terrain Theory, and the Germs, if they at all exacerbate the symptoms are expected to be neutralized by the body, by itself (by an improved Terrain, naturally), Plant based Ayurveda medicines, home food and/ or rest.

There is no concept of mass medicine (one size fits all). Yes, Ayurveda is integrated in our traditional foods through our condiments, but the traditional homemakers being experts in cooking are intuitively trained to bring in the necessary customization. She has been empowered with the passing down of generations, of a combination of intuitive and learnt recipies based on season, taste, love, region, specific family tendencies, food as medicine and armour. She would act as a primary healer and would intuitively fine tune the content of the home cooker food based on her intuitive intelligence and traditional nutrition knowledge; adding her healing touch to the food; and serving it in her divine grace. This would act as a “medicine” to all members, for them to thrive.

In Ayurveda, there is no exaggerated attempt to standardize protocols/ medicines for masses. Cures are only attempted for sick, and there is no attempt to bring healthy people in a commercial fold through concepts like “Asymptomatic Infection”. It is rather based on prevention based on non commercial natural lifestyle, and root cause analysis only upon expression of symptoms.

Accordingly, there is no Medicine or Germ Theory Activism in Ayurveda, and no considered over-reach in a Germ’s ability to make us any more incrementally sicker than we are anyways sick due to our sedentary lifestyle.

Ayurveda, does not seek a formula to establish any Germ as more significant than it is, in order to generate patentable “treatments”. Nor does the caste system allow Gyana Wing (Brahmanas or Education/ Research) to collude with Vaisya (Business/ Capitalists/ Finance) and communication (Mass Media) and Kshatriya (Governance/ Military) to manufacture a Germ Theory based false pretense “Epidemic” with only one “mass solution” based on a normalized poisoning based treatment protocol aided by a century of mind programming.

So for the “modern” over-intellectual and over-educated society that we have become, we have to be sensitive about taking out concepts from Ayurveda in an isolated manner, and serving it to our larger global society, without factoring in how our larger society receives it without first imbibing the spirit of Ayurveda in their consciousness.

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