2.1.4 – Scientists debunk the virus theory of sickness.

Regular detox expressions of the body are attributed to imaginary invisible non-living particles known as viruses. The years 2020 and 2021 have seen countless doctors and scientists debunking the great virus lie (that has somehow persisted for a century or so) and the germ theory myth.

“The burden of proof that viruses cause diseases is on those who propose that theory. There is no burden of proof for me to defend my criticism of that theory. This is known as Hitchen’s Razor, which states – What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.” says Sol Luckman.

Exosome vs virus theory by Adam (Telegram – Adamjsp)

In my opinion there is no dichotomy as regards the exosome vs virus theory.

The virus theory shares commonalities with the exosome theory but does not stand up to close scrutiny – if viruses could be easily transmitted between people then everyone in the same household would become ill at the same time, but that is seldom the case.

When two or more family members show symptoms akin to the common cold, this can be due to a multitude of factors, either they both consume the same food and water, are exposed to the same environmental conditions, or alternatively it could simply be an example of sympathetic resonance.

When the body is excessively toxic, to return to homeostasis, the body’s cell mediated immune system, one of many innate defense mechanisms, is activated. This leads to the impaired contents of the toxic cells being excreted. These excretions have been given the appellation ‘virus’ but are in fact dead matter.

I am also a little perplexed by people holding ‘life’s evolution’ as basis to explain viruses. In what context are they referring to evolution? Adaptation to changing environmental conditions perhaps?

We are indeed being poisoned on a daily basis and subjected to all manner of toxic chemicals in our food supply, water supply, even the air we breathe. The Codex Alimentarius Commission was established in 1961 by the UN and this body was founded with the sole purpose of undermining the quality of the food and water we consume to increase illness and disease, all the while lowering the intellectual capabilities of the masses with neurotoxins.

The increased prevalence of cancer, neurological problems, degenerative conditions are all the result of our toxic environment. To crown it all, we are then prescribed toxic pharmaceuticals which overstimulate the endocrine system and prevent the body from healing itself naturally.

The Viral Delusion: The Six Part Documentary Series

Debunking Virology & the Entire Stinking “Virus” Narrative w/ Dr. Tom Cowan

Dr. Tom is a renowned alternative medicine doctor and author of six bestselling books, including the censored THE CONTAGION MYTH, co-authored by Sally Fallon Morell, and CANCER & THE NEW BIOLOGY OF WATER. He also recently published BREAKING THE SPELL: THE SCIENTIFIC FOR ENDING THE COVID DELUSION, which you can preview at …10 game changing quotes from Dr. Tom Cowans new red pill breaking the spell the scientific evidence for ending the covid delusion.

Along with his colleagues Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Stefan Lanka and others, Dr. Tom is one of the great thinkers and true scientists of our generation. He’s also, understandably, one of the most controversial figures in today’s “viral” climate controlled by pseudoscientific thought police posing as scientific “experts.”

Source: Article from Free Earth Alliance

  1. Dismantling the Virus Theory by Dr. Stefan Lanka 
  2. Misinterpretation VIRUS II (Beginning and end of the corona crisis) by Dr. Stefan Lanka
  3. Pleomorphism and Germ Theory Explained by Royal Raymond Rife, Gunther Enderlein, and Gaston Naessens.
  4. “Viruses and Contagion: A Bioterrain Perspective”

There is a website compilation of many articles by Joe Dubs, that debunk the Germ Theory of sickness, and propose what is known as the Terrain Theory and concepts of Pleomorphism.

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Source: Snooze 2 Awaken by Sol Luckman

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  1. P Pilla says:

    There is no way in the world people will begin to stop fearing imaginary viruses and good old germs (produced by our own bodies!) if the virus hoax and the germ theory hoax are not called out. We should keep spreading this message. Just like the evil camp keeps spreading their lies over and over again.

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