2.1.5 – Can Public Health rely solely on For-Profit Research ?

Author: Mayank Pincha

Declaration of Pandemic and emergency was made based on interpretation of the current situation by Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). If the entire situation is seen through the lens of Ayurveda, then there would be no pandemic. Ayurveda never sought to make asymptomatic people its customers, with a convoluted logic that asymptomatic people can be carriers of a virus which could put unhealthy people at risk, which has been debunked. From Ayurveda’s perspective, there may only be a disease, which is better dealt with based on root cause analysis, and health is sought to be improved by balancing the doshasKapha, Vata, Pittha, and switching to a natural lifestyle.

Government by relying 100% on EBM’s interpretation, has performed a medical over-reach by imposing this field of medicine on people relying on Natural immunity, home remedies, traditional/ healthy lifestyle and AYUSH/ other natural therapies. There is no Govt. or Private ecosystem to fund research on natural immunity and natural therapy. So why is it that the scientific community is asking front line doctors, Ayurveda practitioner, and pro-natural immunity people to prove their anecdotal evidence through systematic research on natural immunity/ therapy? Absence of profitable research is not evidence that natural immunity/ therapies is absent/ doesn’t work.

Burden of Proof is on Public Health, if it is to mandate health measures for collective good, to research, validate, and/ or invalidate natural immunity/ natural therapies instead of relying 100% on Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), that relies 100% on patentable for-profit research.

Mayank Pincha

When Public Health is mandating measures for common good, then the burden is on them to research on natural immunity and natural therapies. They can’t absolve themselves of responsibility by stating that there is no research for natural immunity / therapies. Absence of research is not sufficient reason for people to doubt their own natural immunity. Especially, when the Nocebo effect is proven by scientific research itself, and that it is understood that chronic fear, stress and panic can impact people’s health negatively (especially those with underlying conditions), and manifest the symptoms that are being witnessed, and are being attributed to Coronavirus

Policies of State working on common good cannot rely 100% on Evidence based medicine, which relies only on for-profit research. Profit motive is not being questioned here. But the Government and People cannot rely on it 100% ignoring everything else that has nurtured civilizations for 1000s of years on natural immunity and natural therapies.

Evidence based medicine is based on an assumption that only relying on evidence, one can comprehend Nature and help thrive and maximize life. This itself is based on an assumption.

Mayank Pincha

Evidence Based Medicine itself is a theory which was started as a way to comprehend nature only using scientific methods thereby attempting to remove individual bias of the shamans, practitioners, yogis, and people at large hinting that humans can be corruptible and resort to foul play for individual gains. But “Public Health” now depends upon a “Systemic Bias” which is also a collection of the supposedly ‘corruptible humans’. 

The current narrative has a bias that centralised organisations (justice, government, research, medical, etc.) are above possibilities of foul play, while word of mouth, decentralised modes of social communication and people to people anecdotes are assumed to be “not credible” unless verified by centralised organisations. Which means that, we as a human society have created a “System” in which we cannot trust individual ‘corruptible’ humans (unless proven otherwise), but we must trust centralised organisations that are a collection of similar ‘corruptible’ human individuals, (unless proven corrupt).

Mayank Pincha

EBM was just a case of use of deductive logic to validate that over a period of time either humanity will comprehend nature in its entirety only and only through evidence or humanity will come to a dead end of relying on “Only Evidence” and realise that pegging human health only on “Evidence” has limitations.

I think time has come to review this choice of relying only on Evidence, especially when people are asking for having “faith” on the Public Health and the Medical System, which is admittedly not settled, is evolving and the scientific community accepts that there are many unknowns. Why we may not have faith in our own god-gifted natural bodies, and our traditional Ayurveda practitioners, Vedic scriptures, customs and practises, shamans and yogis?

Mayank Pincha

Especially now, that medical science has already proven Placebo effect works through numerous trials where they have attempted to prove or disprove a proposed treatment to any condition by benchmarking against Placebo effect, thereby proving that Placebo works, sometimes less (in a limited period) and sometimes more.

After spending billions of dollars on research and on propaganda, the minuscule relative risk reduction that experimental COVID-19 injection, is trying to base itself on can simply be achieved through Meditation, Ginger Tea, Ivermectin (observed empirically as well as through studies).

Mayank Pincha

When asking for evidence, through systematic research, of natural immunity and natural therapies and anecdotal evidence, why don’t we ask for evidence when accepting viruses, lock-downs, sanitisation, masks, etc. and why not ask for evidence to rule out their possible long term negative impacts? While there is plenty of research and anecdotal studies to establish harm of masks, sanitisers, social distancing, lock-downs & experimental injections.

The burden of proof that viruses cause disease is on those who propose that theory. There is no burden of proof for me to defend my criticism of that theory. This is known as Hitchen’s Razor, which states, “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

Sol Luckman who Challenges the Mainstream COVID-19 Narrative

Why are we relying on EBM, that attempts to make the body dependent upon a foreign substance, in the name of “vaccination”? Why is a culture being created of following/trusting doctors and to research? Its a commercial relationship and “Buyer Beware” holds good. Why is the Government not spreading information to people to learn to listen to their own body, which is what our shamans, and yogis have taught us.

Why do we question our shamans and yogis and put them to burden of evidence, without providing any evidence that good health can be proven through evidence with our limited instruments?

Mayank Pincha

We are being asked to have faith on a system that experiments in laboratories and not on their own bodies. We are asked to deny the experiences of our shamans and yogis by putting them to burden of evidence. While they have experimented on their own bodies so they could experience health through natural ways, and they shared those insights with others. We are subjecting them to the burden of proof to prove lack of foul play, without putting a similar burden on the scientific community, governments, researchers and public health.

Germ Theory has been the biggest gaslighting of this century, and any attempt to question the over-reach of governments is being banished as political movement or conspiracy theory. Aren’t political movements supposed to be people’s movements? By the way, a conspiracy theorist is not a conspirator to be treated like one.

Mayank Pincha

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