2.1.6 – Evidence-Based Medicine, Rests on a Flawed Assumption of Immunity to COVID-19

Author: Mayank Pincha
Editor: Dr. Jessica Mathis, PhD

Even if we go by the interpretation of antibodies in modern medicine… (An article dispelling the myth of antibodies and immunity, by Dawn Lester is included at the end of this page.)

“…absence of antibodies, is not a conclusive evidence of lack of immunity…” 

…because the fact remains that, although healthy people may not have certain antibodies at a given point in time, their healthy body will still have the ability to produce those antibodies, if and when their body considers a micro-organism to be pathogenic. Why must it be interpreted as lack of immunity when the presence of antibodies are not found on a test? Drawing such a conclusion may lead an individual into a negative state, characterised by intense fear, psychosis, and doubting his own innate natural gift of protection. Is there any research to rule out the possible negative impact of fear-mongering practices, or that so-called COVID symptoms are not caused by the Nocebo effect and its symptoms? 

In any case, vaccines (by definition) only trigger the body’s natural immunity to create antibodies. So, those that are immunocompromised, cannot produce sufficient antibodies despite the trigger. The body of the immunocompromised has to deal with the toxicity of the vaccine, the Nocebo effect of fear psychosis, and now – the harmful effects of the corona measures. 

Mayank Pincha

On the other hand, healthy people would not need to be triggered for production of antibodies, as the body is not designed to be in constant fight-flight mode. Nor is the healthy body designed to be in a bio-medical emergency state – on guard every second of our life – to keep our antibodies in the physical realm ready to be evidenced by man-made tests. 

The consequential dip in antibodies, a few months after taking the experimental vaccine, is being interpreted as “immunity not long-lasting”, and referred to as “waning immunity”. But, this human interpretation is heavily convoluted – obviously constructed to suit an economically-driven narrative, for those funding the interpretations. It is important to note also, that antibodies may dip if the body does not consider a foreign particle to pose any risk to the body. Has this explanation been understood, expressed, or ruled out by doctors and scientists? 

Mayank Pincha

Allowing humans to consider the aforementioned possibility, is bad for their economics…or, “bad for business”, one could say. So, they use the term “evidence-based” as a marketing tool, and simultaneously appeal to human emotions, by telling the masses they are not taking any chances with the so-called Covid-19 virus – that they want to remove every possible risk of disease and death to them! Sadly, most humans get sucked in with their emotions when confronted with such appeals and claims – believing them to be authentic, they  start doubting their own natural immunity. 

Vaccine manufacturers have created and spread medical interpretations to suit their business interests. By using economics, manipulating statistics and what they deem “evidence-based medicine” (ideologically aligned with legal frameworks), they profess that their works are proven by evidence. But, common law and natural laws supersede legal frameworks like constitutions and legislations. The Constitution does not grant us sovereignty. It only recognises our pre-existing, innate, nature-given sovereignty. Similarly, vaccines don’t grant us immunity: they only recognise and trigger our innate, pre-existing, natural immunity. People are gaslighted to believe that we need vaccines to save ourselves from an assumed enemy, called a ‘virus’, which we are told cause death – based on laboratory studies of cells, when subjected to harmful chemical adjuvants.

This approach of seeking evidence of immunity without understanding immunity, is the root cause of all medical problems. Immunity is largely invisible and cannot be evidenced in its entirety. 

Mayank Pincha

Immunity is not about bullet-proofing the body. Immunity is about accepting the vulnerability of the body, combined with heightened flow of energy, while staying calm and maintaining homeostasis. Heightened flow of energy, or homeostasis, is what protects the body. It protects the body by generating customised antibodies, specific to any pathogen – even if it’s for the first time. So, the lack of presence of T-cell memory is not conclusive evidence of an absence of immunity.

When we bullet-proof the body with artificially triggered anti-bodies, we suffocate life out of the body, keeping the body in a heightened state of emergency, referred to as cytokine storm, fight-flight mode, or a bio-medical emergency state. However, the body is naturally designed to be in bliss. When the body doesn’t feel any threat from a micro-organism, it will not produce the anti-bodies. 

Mayank Pincha

If one interprets the body’s natural response and processes as lack of immunity, then proceed to inject a trigger to generate antibodies, one is keeping the body in a “ready-to-fight” mode, against a particular “assumed” enemy. The assumed viral enemy is determined, based on in-vitro conjectures, established using laboratory-observed phenomenon, and thereby reduces the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis – a state of well being. To top it all off, the body now has to deal with toxic substances injected into it as well.

If one is feeling better (or not worse) after taking the experimental COVID-19 injection, it could be for 3 reasons:

  1. The individual got the placebo (saline shot) and not the toxic serum.
  2. The individual’s body was able to flush out the toxins contained in the toxic serum.
  3. The individual’s body is healthy enough to not show any symptoms in the short-term, based on observation. In this case, the individual has the possible chance to now work on their body and get back to homeostasis, by following the natural immunity improvement approaches; and also possibly through a detox of their body, after going through some recommended diagnostic protocols.

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Antibodies & Immunity: Dispelling Two More Myths

Author: Dawn Lester

“There are no such things as antibodies”

Here is an excerpt from the article, “Antibodies & Immunity: Dispelling Two More Myths”, by Dawn Lester:

“With respect to immunity, the words of Dr. John Tilden MD would seem to provide the most appropriate description; in his book Impaired Health: Its Cause and Cure, he states that,

“Can one person become immune and another not? The dilemma appears to be fully settled when it is understood that health–full health–is the only reliable opposition to disease; that everything which improves health builds immunity to all disease-building influences…”

It should be clear that, far from being the body’s army of fighters, the proteins the medical establishment incorrectly calls ‘antibodies’ are an essential part of the body’s healing mechanisms. It is important to recognise that attaining health does not require efforts to ‘fight disease’, because, as we explain in detail in our book, there are no ‘diseases’, there are only symptoms that represent the body’s efforts to expel toxins and heal itself. The attainment of health therefore requires efforts to support the body’s natural self-healing processes, which includes minimising or, where possible, avoiding exposures to toxic substances.”

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