2.1.1 – COVID Narrative: “House Of Cards” Debunked

Author: Mayank Pincha
Editor: Paula Horan
and Soni Sharma (Medical Microbiologist, Pursuing Ph.D)

The entire COVID-19 narrative, as projected by the current Public Health System, is like a house of cards resting solely on the continuing alleged justification that there is a need to protect the weak and comorbid from getting infected, and falling sick due to exposure to the latest “tweaked” Coronavirus which displays the symptoms of the common cold. For past two years, the media has switched the narrative several times every few weeks, saying first that asymptomatic people can transmit, and then not, and then back to asymptomatic people can transmit etc. Masks have also been alternatively declared essential and then not, with constant see-sawing by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Center of Disease Control (CDC) as well from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) as they further hypnotise people with fear into accepting more and more unnecessary lockdowns as our basic freedoms slowly slip away.

The so-called symptomatic transmission from one person to another of this alleged Coronavirus has also been touted, to push the wearing of facial diapers (masks), which have also been proved to cause harm to ones health as even surgeons, wearing the masks intermittently, developed complications from hypoxia. Imagine people wearing masks through out the day, kids wearing masks continuously and joggers wearing while jogging. While, the death rate was lower in 2020 than in 2019. So by locking people down (to kill the middle class), forcing masking, social distancing and now jabbing everyone with a shot that caused the death rate in 2021 to go up 40%, sheer terror (although misplaced), still reigns in the minds of many people. Even though the insurance companies and undertakers clearly state that deaths have soared since the vaccinations began, people are still too hypnotized with fear of the false narrative to hear reason and demand an end to this deliberate gene tampering and tort.

The fact is, the alleged coronavirus has NOT been isolated, and many renowned scientists have debunked its existence. Even if it did exist, its alleged asymptomatic or symptomatic transmission has not been proven. Furthermore, even though some still believe “Coronavirus” can be transmitted to others, disease-causing abilities of viruses have always been justified only through laboratory based correlations (i.e., in-vitro). Even if it had the potential to cause incremental sickness, its alleged association with acute symptoms has been largely reported to be limited to the comorbid. Even if people had an infection, the case fatality rate is considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 are ultimately more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) 

Public Health authorities attempting to minimise alleged potential deaths by controlling external factors i.e. spread of the alleged Coronavirus, seem to suggest that they believe that health outcomes depend ONLY on a single external factor, as though people’s lifestyle, physical, emotional, and mental state have no role to play. Since people’s health is largely impacted by their physical, mental and emotional state, they themselves are largely responsible for their own health. Humanity has existed for thousands of years. Anyone claiming that people’s lifestyle, physical, emotional, and mental state have no role to play, is put to the burden of proof. The very fact that drug approval relies on placebo trials, means that modern medicine acknowledges the impact positive beliefs i.e. the Placebo Effect have on healing illness. The bottom line is that having a positive attitude helps alleviate symptoms, thus, a potential drug has to prove that it can do better than a Placebo alone. This means that there is an underlying acceptance that placebos work, meaning positive beliefs work.

Even if the current Indian Public Health System, (which has been interpenetrated and coerced by Bill Gates and the local “billionaires club” since 2006), still wants to reduce the risk of death among comorbid people, there are natural ways that exist to reverse, treat, or better manage co-morbidities (such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Kidney Failure and Diabetes). Unfortunately, the pharma industry does not favour methods that are not patentable and profitable. Also, in regard to a dumbed down public who have been trained for an entire century to demand an instant kill switch (pill or shot) to eliminate uncomfortable symptoms from their own bad habits, there is little patience for the required natural discipline on the part of co-morbid people to do the needful, naturally. Why a precedence has been encouraged and established in people’s minds, that has lead them to shrug off responsibility for maintaining and improving their own health through natural ways and rather seek to minimise their risks of death/ harm, by participating in a dangerous medical experiment  is questionable. Honestly, is there any sense in requiring asymptomatic, aka healthy people, to mandatorily mask-up, lock down and get jabbed, and in the process put the healthy also in the risk bracket of becoming the new co-morbid, or even possibly to die? 

“The circus takes a new twist into the absurd as the so-called vaccine-protected want the allegedly vaccine-unprotected to take on the same alleged protection that is failing to protect the so-called vaccine-protected.”

Either way, the entirely fear based narrative and the proposed commercial solution (Jab) is also admittedly not found suitable for the comorbid. So why put to duress the healthy, young & middle aged people and children who also happen to be asymptomatic aka healthy? Why attempt to protect the hitherto un-protectable co-morbid (by health regulators self-acknowledged limitation of the jab), and in the guise of this alleged attempt to protect the co-morbid, end up jabbing the young and healthy who are already naturally protected (though now with possibly reduced immunity owing to living under the burden of lockdowns, unnatural & unhealthy COVID protocols and mandated jabs) and unnecessarily bring them under the radar of :

A. Mental & emotional stress from a fear instigated psychosis regarding the COVID narrative, channeled through a media focusing on false negative news of a voluminous number of fake cases & deaths in 2020. (with no merit, by attributing them to the alleged Coronavirus) and with no evidence to rule out the possibility that putting them in such conditions will not, by Nocebo effect, make them more prone to sickness, and: 

B. Risk of adverse events from an experimental injection (with toxic ingredients), from a sector that has been called out for multiple science fraud in the past, and with unprecedented adverse reactions already being reported. 

The burden is on the government to prove that manufacturers of the experimental gene manipulation injection and their holding companies are above-board and trustable. If this was so, why are no statements of remorse or empathy from any stakeholder of the manufacturers or that of their holding companies, forthcoming toward the thousands of people who have been injured or died from the jabs which have been illegally declared mandatory? Why is there instead, denial of the possibility of adverse effects & hence no responsibility taken by the manufacturers, of deaths currently happening from the jab? Since 2021, why is the alleged Coronavirus so readily attributed to symptoms which correlate to the COVID-19 vaccinations? Why are jab manufacturers (and regulators approving such manufacturers), blaming underlying comorbidities for such deaths that are occurring shortly after the jab?  

If the Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) medical system (referred to as Medical System or System), adopted by the Indian Public Health bureaucracy, seeks people to trust them and have faith in them, then it is not evidence based medicine, but faith based medicine. Why should people not be allowed to have faith in their own natural immunity and their natural lifestyle and traditional remedies, instead? Especially when EBM was promulgated as only one path of medicine in the first place, yet it seems, by the activities that ensued, its real goal was to eliminate the need for people to have faith in traditional medicine practitioners, citing possibilities of foul play and/ or subjectivity.

Why shouldn’t it be left to Nature to decide who dies and when, then instead have it be decided by a statistical model of risk minimisation, which is prone to manipulation by the manufactures of the test kits and experimental jabs, who have already paid out billions of dollars in reparations for vaccine injuries and deaths for the past fifty years? Pharma is not at all above foul play as can be clearly seen by the vaccines having been applied brazenly to people of all ageswithout stratifying the risks specific to each age bracket?

Why should we allow the System and the Indian Public Health Bureaucracy to weaponize “death by natural means” without the System & Public Health, having succeeded in finding a solution to death (if there can be one) which it has clearly not found as it still relies on statistics to decide which solution to adopt for a disease? Why should a risk minimisation based method of medicine be mandatorily applied to all people when there is no way for each person to rule out that they will not end up being the alleged miniscule percentage at risk in a medical experiment (which in the current scenario is anything but miniscule)?

Why is the Government (that governs Public Health) not being reminded that they are not responsible for guaranteeing that people don’t die, but that their only real job is to educate people on how to live a healthy life, that allows their body the best chance to maintain homoeostasis and thus, better deal with any external pathogens using their own natural immunity? Especially when ironically, the current proposed solution i.e. the jab related to the alleged cause of sickness/death i.e. Coronavirus, also relies on the body’s own natural ability to generate specific antibodies?

When we have to depend upon the body’s natural ability to produce the specific antibodies (which it can only sufficiently do, if it is immuno-competent), then why not allow the body to also determine when and if to produce the antibodies ? When scientific understanding of the human body & life is admittedly not yet settled and still evolving, then why is it allowed to assume that antibodies and the presence of T-cells are the only determining factor to establish immunity ? Has scientific understanding proven beyond doubt, that the absence of antibodies and T-cells are conclusive evidence of absence of immunity ? Why is it considered scientific to only attempt to prove that “doing something about a disease” i.e. taking a pill or a jab, is better than “doing nothing about it ” i.e. simply taking a rest and using other natural methods used for centuries, to allow the body to recover by itself and build its own natural strength? Is there any evidence to conclusively prove that “doing nothing about it” is not better than “doing something about it”? Why is it that a system, that people rely on during an emergency, becomes ballistic when people cease relying on it when they are healthy? Why should the System and Public Health be allowed to create an impression of an emergency just because people chose to allow them to have the required funds to be able to do so, as a way to justify people using their medical system, and to deny emergency treatments to people who refuse to buy the fear narrative and choose to deal with Nature naturally, when in fact it is the people taking the vaccinations that are still flocking to the hospitals for emergency care with the hospitals having the gall to attribute their condition to a symptom of Coronavirus?

To top the cake, the hospitals are using RT-PCR tests without any merit to such attribution, while ignoring the possibility that this is what caused the immunity to tank and produce the false positive? Is this not an attempt to brand every death as Coronavirus so that statistics justify a pandemic, in turn, causing further justification for Emergency Use Authorization ? This is not surprising, when you take in the fact that drills for managing the pandemic were done by the EU a week before the Pandemic broke out, and patents for the Coronavirus and the alleged vaccines were made several years before ? With all things considered, the veil of trust on the Government needs to be lifted,  The Government has the burden to prove that they are still the representatives of the people and are not masquerading as a Government. This at a time when it is becoming clearer to the citizens that the politicians are instead acting as a distributor for the manufacturers of the alleged vaccines. 

Even though there is every indication this was not a naturally occurring virus, the primary consideration is not which is the safer vaccine, or if the virus is natural or man-made, or if Fauci lied, but whether experimental injections are warranted for a disease with a 99.9% survival rate, when therapeutics have existed for millennia to control coronavirus-induced colds or flu? And from a legal perspective, if crimes against humanity have been committed, given there has been virtually no informed consent, most rational people – of any political stripe – are for tried, true and tested (safe) vaccines when no therapeutics are available. 

No rational human would support an experimental gene manipulation backed by twenty years of disastrous animal studies, that are now being tested on humans for the first time in history, especially when tried, true and tested therapeutics are listed in the websites of the NIH, ICMR, WHO, and CDC. Humans should not be used as guinea pigs. Period ???. And quite frankly it is questionable if animals should be used for such a torture.

We knew as early as October, 2020, that the mRNA jab does not prevent you from contracting Covid-19 or from transmitting it. Dr. Steve Hotze elaboratesFauci confirmed it. But, in March 2021, seeing the weakness of this marketing angle, the CDC flip-flopped again, claiming the vaccinated could not infect or be infected. Then, the increasing number of breakthrough cases told a totally different story.and the CDC once again changed its storyline on August 5th 2021: the vaccinated can still contract COVID-19 and shed to others. But, as one example among many at this time,  Walensky’s assertion that people are not dying from the jab is a case of clear criminal negligence and is a grave crime against humanity.

ICMR has also indicated that the vaccines are only disease modifying, and they dont prevent infection and transmission.

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