Guidance to Truthers on the Freedom Movement by Urmie Ray. February 16, 2022.

Demonstration in front of the New Zealand Parliament in Wellington demanding the lifting of restrictive measures. Residents of Auckland, the country’s largest city, have been restricted since August. Nov 11, 2021

Compilation of Movements across the world

Belgium Viking Clap

France🇫🇷, UK🇬🇧, Germany🇩🇪, Italy🇮🇹, Australia🇦🇺, New Zealand🇳🇿, Canada🇨🇦, USA🇺🇸, Spain🇪🇸, Netherlands🇳🇱, Switzerland🇨🇭, Austria🇦🇹, And many more.

Thousands of people protest against vaccine passports every week. But the media won’t tell you.

The Global Official COVID-19 narrative is crumbling

Protests Against Vaccine Pass in France

Netherlands Torch March

The Narrative is Crumbling by Russell Brand

Australian Awakening


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