3.0.1 A Proper Way of dealing with Symptomatic People

Source: The Truth of the Scamdemic by Awaken India Movement

Since the virus is airborne according to the CDC, it will already be present within the premises for people to pass it onto each other during the day. Therefore, the safer real time medical practice for all workplaces, malls etc. would be to isolate or bar anyone with a fever from the premises, based on body temperature readings, and that was earlier being done across all states in India, at public buildings and shopping malls, etc.

The other real time medical safety is to make a doctors available during working hours on these premises who can check any person reported with COVID-19 symptoms (which we have clearly explained are 5G poisoning symptoms), so they can advise them of home isolation or the appropriate treatment. These far more diligent practises will have a much better result for all concerned, which can be followed everywhere.


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