3.0.3 Break-off from CDC & WHO. Rely on Natural Immunity & AYUSH

Source: The Truth of the Scamdemic by Awaken India Movement

A great nation like India, with over 5000 years of holistic medicine experience, must now stop following the dictates of fraudulent global agencies such as the CDC and WHO and the Indian Government must do its own research through the country’s proven medical institutions, to verify all the above medical frauds and put the right medical practises in place to protect the people of this great nation.

Dr. Richard Fleming: “I’m going to show you 33 countries and the data we have…So, for the record, it’s not the unvaccinated that are posing a risk. It is the vaccinated that have produced a pressure selection through a mass vaccination program.”

Iceland Top Doc Admits Natural Immunity Only Way To Herd Immunity.

Geert vanden Bossche, an independent virologist and world-renowned vaccine expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has said that the coronavirus is mutating at a rate of every 10 hours. Scientists would have to make new vaccines for each of these new strains. And that they are making a big mistake. This is his letter.

The natural immune system relies on non-specific antibodies, and has the ability to mount a customised response to any virus and variants thereof. Keeping the body in hyperdrive anticipating only one type of virus and variant, makes the body vulnerable to other types of dangers (internal or external). However, when the natural immune system is compromised due to underlying conditions which are largely the result of poor lifestyle, and being under stress, fear, and panic continually.

Vaccines not needed for alleged COVID-19 Disease

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