3.0.4 Don’t take the experimental Vaccine

Source: The Truth of the Scamdemic by Awaken India Movement

The truth is, vaccines do not prevent people from getting infected by Corona or dying from it – this the vaccine manufacturers have stated themselves. They also say that it will at least reduce the severity of Corona if you get it after vaccination, but this is just another blatant lie, because they have no scientific experiments or data to prove it as yet and it remains a conjecture or a forward looking statement. There is no way to take it and then ascertain what would happen if one did not take it and then compare with it in real terms. People have their own immunity to fight the virus, and this fact they are trying to suppress in the media. They go further by falsely implying that their vaccines do a far superior job, while on paper as stated above, they have to admit the vaccines do not prevent people from getting infected with Corona or dying from it. So why bother taking it?

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