3.0.5 Use your common sense approach

Source: The Truth of the Scamdemic by Awaken India Movement

Fortunately some People are using their Common Sense Millions of people across the globe are tackling the COVID-19 sickness with rest, healthy food, sunlight exposure, supplements and natural medicine and their immune systems have already made the right antibodies during their healing phase, which science says are much stronger and last longer than any vaccine induced antibodies. So such people do not need the vaccine at all and they have the right to refuse it. The reason most of these people were able to fight Corona on their own at home with no need of any medicine, is because they were not comorbid patients, meaning that they were not taking allopathic medicines as they have no chronic illnesses, so their natural immunity was good enough to fight Corona and they have come out of it stronger and they easily have the capacity to fight any “virus variants” as well. The human body makes specific/ customised antibodies for specific germs or radiation damage. The vaccine spike protein does not make the exact same antibodies as the human body that naturally responds to the COVID-19 symptoms attack. The proof of this is that people are getting COVID-19 symptoms even after getting the vaccinations and some are dying from it, whereas this is not happening with people who healed from COVID-19 naturally. If the Vaccines were making the right antibodies, no vaccinated person would die after 1 week because their body would fight off the infection within a week with the help of the immune system B cells, T cells and the antibodies. All deaths after 1 week of vaccination are deaths from spike protein damage. The people who follow natural remedies have a higher chance of survival and the people with comorbidities have a lower chance of survival. The people who have taken vaccines have an even lower chance of survival than the aforementioned, so it is the people with comorbidities and vaccines that have the least chance of survival. The evidence of this is being experienced now amongst people all across the globe. The vaccines will only make people sicker over time because of the toxic ingredients in them. People on allopathic pills for other illnesses like high bp, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. are becoming more affected, because of the sometimes synergistic reactions between the toxic vaccine ingredients and the chemicals in their allopathic tablets. This is visible now with many people across the world getting very sick and some dying within the first three days after vaccination and still more within three weeks after the vaccination.


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