3.0 Goals & Recommendations

“Want to walk out on the globalist dictatorship?

Switch To
✅ Gift Economy
✅ Off-Grid
✅ Natural Wellness/ Detox
✅ Natural Farming
✅ Natural Housing
✅ Digital minimalism
✅ Cottage Industry
✅ Self-Sustainabilty in curriculum
✅ Traditional Martial Arts

Boycott/ Stop
❌ Virus Hoax, Injections & Masks
❌ Pharma
❌ Mainstream Media
❌ WEF, WHO & UN, etc
❌ Blackrock/ Vanguard
❌ Bill Gates/ Rockefeller/ Rothschild/ Crown Corporation
❌ Digital currency
❌ Social credit score
❌ EMF & Chemtrails
❌ Central Banking
❌ Climate Manipulation

[DRAFT] Decisions Taken By We The People. Draft Directives For Issuance –

These are the decisions taken by “We The People”, which needs to be communicated to public and other public bodies like government, local authorities, media and schools etc.

The only way to stop the genocide and the acute enslavement of the survivors is to stop acquiescing (burn your face coverings, decline all injections, and start socializing with others and connecting with nature like never before). This is the only way to save our species and other species that depend on us on this bountiful and infinitely life-ward realm we call Mother Earth.

We shall pursue these Goals in our Courts of Public Opinion/ Grand Jury/ Khap Panchayat/ Corona Mahapanchayat, and under Civil, Common and Natural Law. We should hold public trials, issue verdicts & directives. Then inform the verdicts/ directives to public through campaigns/ mass purification gatherings/ havans/ meditations/ prayers/ discourses.

  1. Issue Orders cancelling the Fake Pandemic & the Plandemic. Withdraw the Epidemic – challenge the existence of this “fake Pandemic/ Epidemic”. Take it Down. Repeal the State of Emergency. Cancel all lockdown orders.
  2. Banish, Cease & Desist from the COVID-19 injections dubbed “vaccines”. No mandatory (under-trial) “vaccines”. No coercion for (under-trial) “vaccines”. Call off COVID-19 injections “vaccines” (which are under trials upto 2023). Declare Mandatory experimental and/ or lethal injections in the guise of medical intervention, specially without  informed consent, as a Crime Against Humanity
  3. Dispose the COVID-19 injection vials as hazardous waste. Dispose them off as bio-medical hazardous waste.
  4. Banish all COVID-19 testing, withdraw the RT-PCR and RAT applicator “test” and DNA gathering.
  5. Withdraw COVID appropriate behaviour, being Health Inappropriate Behaviour. Issue orders calling off/ outlawing face coverings/ masks (except religious face-coverings). Issue orders abolish all chemical/ synthetic hand sanitizers, physical/ social distancing orders and contact tracing. 
  6. Investigate all post-injection/ vaccine deaths since Jan. 2021.
  7. Investigate all alleged COVID-19 deaths of 2020.
  8. Recognise and declare body’s self-healing mechanism. No need for centralised health care systems which get intrusive. Share information about Natural Lifestyle and Traditional Healing practices. Set-up Integrated Natural Medicine Committees.
  9. Abolish the tools of genocide Chemtrails, weaponised EMF incl. 5G roll-outGMO foods, HAARP, and the rest of the New World Order Agenda. Reveal truth on GMO, Chemtrails, HAARP, weaponised 5G Radiation and NWO. Abolish and dissolve the NWO/ WEF gang upto their gang leaders and dissolve the agenda of NWO. Transition the New World Order Playbook to a Natural World Order and inform all participants of the NWO to change course. Reveal the truth behind common funding of all sides of politics in various countries, and move governance towards self-governance and self-sustainable communities, eco-villages, villages, towns, etc. Help brown field projects migrate to green field.
  10. Lockdown Compensation which can be used for transitioning to WDGP protocols.
  11. Withdraw Drugs & Magic Remedies Act. 
  12. Investigate the malafide intentions of Governments behind criminalising cannabis sativa and making it illegal, while alcohol and cigarettes have been legal. All acts, statutes, rules making cannabis sativa as illegal be repealed.
  13. Decriminalise use of Entheogens. Psychoactive compounds derived from natural sources and used by many human civilisations across history for ritualistic purposes and documented in ancient scriptures gives rights to every human living in this nature to make it part of their experience.
  14. Shut Down Biased Media. Set-up Citizen’s Journalists.
  15. Create awareness about Universal & Natural Laws amongst Lawyers, Judges, Law-enforcers & Public so that people are not governed under Commercial, Admiralty & Maritime Laws. Set-up new Natural/ Universal Law Trusts.
  16. Dissolve wireless communication technologies such as 5G and Gwen tower/infrastructure which has been weaponized and is a threat to health, privacy and security.
  17. Abolish the GMOs/biofortified seeds and foods; Improve Soil Microcosm by phasing out pesticides and fertilizers; Move to Zero Budget Natural Farming and heirloom seeds.
  18. Expose the Climate Change, Global Warming, Carbon dioxide and carbon footprint drama/propaganda to people. Expose the Weather modification, Geo-engineering, Chemtrails and HAARP technologies which are a disaster/ weapon against humanity.
  19. Debunk the Overpopulation narrative/hoax/drama/propaganda. 99% population have very modest lifestyles. The Rich, the urban, and the Elites have to bring down their carbon footprint and dissolve their purchasing power which they have amassed using a rigged financial system.
  20. Issue Orders to stop drinking water poisoning. Debunk the water crisis, and establish water security and accessibility. Reveal the truth of the water crisis hoax and deliberate water poisoning.
  21. Expose the Truth about the banking system, ActCashless & Digital Currencies (both CBDC and Cryptocurrencies) and digital transaction and economy; Issue Cease & Desist Orders to controllers/ manipulators of the present world.
  22. Abolish Digital Identity: Digital Address Code (DAC); Federated Digital Identities, Vaccine ID, Health ID, Linking Voter ID with Aadhar, ID2020 …. Privacy and Security of Personal Data: Law and beyond.
  23. Abolish and Dissolve 4th Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics; Metaverse, NFTs and Web 3.O; Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Bodies (IoB), Internet of Senses (IoS).
  24. Issue orders to dismantle Oligarchy of online platforms that has led to Digital Censorship along with attack on freedom of speech in general.
  25. Announce World Decentralised Governance Participation (WDGP) and implementation of barter & kindness based exchange systems and dismantle the Social Credit/Scoring System and Universal Basic Income System. Establish Off-the-grid Community living around the world under the WDGP program.
  26. Change the Anti-human Eduction Curriculum around the world and accordingly adapt the Online education and home schooling of Children in the period of Greater Reset/ Awakening/ Natural World Order; which will have an impact on Career, Jobs and businesses in the Era of Greater Reset/ Awakening/ Natural World Order.
  27. Reveal the truth of the fake Viral Theory and educate people on Terrain Theory.
  28. Reveal the Staged/ Fake Wars and co-ordinate with all the military generals to call for cessation of all wars.
  29. Reveal the truth to people on Geocentric Earth vis-a-vis Helio-centric Earth.
  30. Reveal the truth on Aliens and UFOs and establish connect with Galactic Federation and embark on the Age of Light.
  31. Transition to the Great Spiritual Reset.


This is how the freedom movement gets co-opted by Henna Maria


2.16.1 A Proper Way of dealing with Symptomatic People
2.16.2 Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting to be made mandatory
2.16.3 Stop following the fraudulent CDC & WHO and rely on Natural Immunity & AYUSH
2.16.4 Don’t take the experimental Injections
2.16.5 Use your common sense approach


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7 thoughts on “3.0 Goals & Recommendations

  1. Mayank says:

    Add de-urbanization projects and decommissioning of dams as long term projects. Add bio-diversity and poly cropping. Add reversal of applied ecological disturbances such as Lantana weed, which is destroying lands. Add dissolution of HM govt. which controls all other nations that are nothing but corporations. Dissolve the system of birth certificate where all frauds emerge.

  2. Mayank says:

    Reveal the truth behind paedophilia and adrenochrome. Also inform humanity about the original intent behind man and woman relationship and how marriage has been hijacked. Reveal the agendas behind all controlled movements such as feminism, LGBTQAI… etc.

  3. Mayank says:

    Natural Self Reliance – To influence farmers to focus on becoming naturally self-reliant, in symbiotic relationship with nature and animals.
    Crop Rotation – Crop rotation and land use to be decided based on need of the soil, cows, food requirements for the farmer’s family first and then only the village level requirement.
    Polycropping and Forest Restoration – Mono-culture based land use, and use of fertilisers, pesticides and GM seeds, and loans to maximize revenue is wrong, as it destroys the habitat that supports the natural ecosystem. We will promote poly-cropping that includes fruit trees, beans, greens, roots, vegetables, trees that give building material and house keeping materials, millets, spices, medicinal plants, flowers, cactus, fungi, grasses, pulses, ground cover, herbs, shrubs, small trees, big trees, and vines. We will also promote industrial hemp which is a miracle tree. This apart, we will share ideas on mycelium, compost regeneration and remediation as well as removal of applied ecological disturbances such Lantana.
    Registered land can be acquired by the government and banks under the control of WEF, UN, IMF, WTO, BMGF and WHO on the pretext of doing noble deeds like development and forest conservation. If such an attack on national sovereignty takes place then land ownership of farmers can be saved by keeping land de-registration documents ready for use when required in addition to documents for withdrawal of implied consent of citizenship to deny any unlawful and unnatural intrusion on our natural rights of being a living being.
    The aim of the present education system is to help the students to get a secure job in the corporate world, which is nothing more than slavery. We have seen how multinationals and large corporates have administered experimental vaccines to employees without informed consent. Switching to Gurukul education will help children to become self-reliant naturally and that is real education.
    COVID is nothing but all the symptoms known historically to be reclassified as a new disease. That COVID symptoms are caused by a virus, is yet to be proven. Yet it has been promoted with a false reference to science. There were no excess deaths at the time of announcement of pandemic. The deaths occurred either naturally, or due to experimental protocols in hospitals, or vaccines/boosters. However, by using inconsistent and inconsequential PCR techniques, these deaths and symptoms have been attributed to coronavirus. So people need to avoid taking vaccines/boosters and avoid running after hospitals and doctors. Its better to switch to traditional medicine and a healthy lifestyle. Most of the hospitals are giving experimental/ high risk drugs in the name of medicine. We must discourage any diagnosis that creates fear. Rather the villagers should open Panchakarma centers not only to improve their health but also to offer these services to the urban area. This way they can practice a frugal economic approach and earn need based fiat money by providing wellness services. This will be better than mono-culture, that completely destroys the relationship with land and animals.
    Same way, cow vaccination is another scam and the so -called lumpi disease is the result of vaccines and other toxic interventions. We will encourage farmers to switch to natural ways to overcome these health conditions.
    The religious division is funded by global central banking. Nations and governments are controlled by global central banks. The governments of all countries are in debt to the private bankers who control them. The same classes that fund fake wars, fake democracy, fake news, fake terrorism etc., are creating panic and fear among the people by continuously disseminating it in the mainstream news. So rural Bharatiya should avoid quarrelling around religion/ politics etc.
    Clay, bamboo and dung habitats built using naturally available local materials will improve health, protect against radiation, require minimal resources and be long lasting.
    Revival of traditional arts, folk music, folk dance, drama, folk songs and traditional martial arts such as Kalaripayattu.

  4. Mayank says:

    Inform how judiciary has lost its charter and restore the ancient ways of providing justice under natural laws with the help of village seniors and panchayats.

  5. Mayank says:

    Disclose all frauds committed on humanity to keep this matrix system alive. And inform people about use of detox protocols. 👇

    But we need “vaccinated” people not to fear having taken the shots, but only to stop taking any further shots. Also to detox from the harmful effects, if their magical body has not yet done that. Also “vaccinated” need to unite with “unvaccinated” and take down the 5G towers and prep for the incoming climate disasters (emanating from the climate manipulation), and to move out of the central banking scam that funds these fake pandemics, fake wars, religious divide, climate manipulation, controlled oppositions, government officers/ politicians, doctors, pharmaceuticals, media, mind control, et all.

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