3.1.6 Alternative Social Media Platforms

  1. Telegram (Messaging)
  2. Gab (Social Media)
  3. Clubhouse (Social Drop-In Audio)
  4. Rumble (Videos)
  5. Odysee (Videos)
  6. Bitchute (Videos)
  7. Brighteon
  8. Discord (Repository App and Social Drop-In Audio)
  9. Signal (Messaging App)
  10. UNIFYD (Social Media)
  11. Duck Duck Go (Browser & Search Engine)

On this Telegram channel, we teach you how to eliminate tyrannical ‘big tech’ organizations from your life, like Microsoft (Windows), Apple, Google, by learning to use Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and the Linux Operating System.

We go beyond the concept of ‘alternate platforms’, to the place where you need to be to truly take back control — the operating system level — and show you how to get complete control over your technology, once and for all. Linux is the future, it is Digital Freedom!

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